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CoBF members 2019 returns

John Hjorth

What is your return for 2019 ? [pre tax, after brokerage commisions, fees etc.]  

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  1. 1. What is your return for 2019 ? [pre tax, after brokerage commisions, fees etc.]

    • Return
    • -50%
    • -45%
    • -40%
    • -35%
    • -30%
    • -25%
    • -20%
    • -15%
    • -10%
    • -5%
    • 0%
    • +5%
    • +10%
    • +15%
    • +20%
    • +25%
    • +30%
    • +35%
    • +40%
    • +45%
    • +50%
    • +55%
    • +60%
    • +65%
    • +70%
    • +75%
    • +80%
    • +85%
    • +90%
    • +95%
    • +100%
    • +105%
    • +110%
    • +115%
    • +120%
    • +125%
    • +130%
    • +135%
    • +140%
    • +145%
    • +150%
    • +155%
    • +160%
    • +165%
    • +170%

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It's this time of year! [ : - D] -Let the show & show-off begin! [ : - D]


- - - o 0 o - - -


I've widened the span in the poll options materially compared to last years poll [span now 175%], and made it more fine meshed than last year - if you may be "outside ballpark" in the poll, I sincerely hope it's in the positive end!

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I have multiple portfolios, most of them safe.  I will answer poll with respect to my risk portfolio... ;)


We all have our own way to define what we report here. So be it, and that's OK. [it's just for fun - what really matters for all of us - and we all know that - is the long term track record of the outcome of what you do with your capital/AUM].

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At around 6:30 PM my local time, I added yet another 50% on the upside in poll options. Lonely outlier on the upside, you are hereby free to edit your vote. [Note to readers : As the poll creator, I can't see who has voted what - just in case you may think about it.]


- - - o 0 o - - -


Unfortunately, there is no practical way here on CoBF to expand the span to the downside. [No way of rearranging poll options, leaving votes already cast untouched.] [As if a return of less than minus 50% wasn't "enough" [ : - / ].]

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43% for my only actively managed account.  currently sitting on about 22% cash.


21.9% cagr since 2013.  I'm one of those investors that started in 2008/09 (all mutual funds back then), so I haven't had to ride out a greater than 20% market drop.  we'll see what happens.

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  leveraged portfolio

concentrations in BAC, CSU, SHOP, AAPL, XPEL, SSW and RH helped !

got a few smaller positions in msft, TSU, V, MA, FB, AMZN , etc all did well too, i guess it's a bull market, so could have just picked five stocks and likely got similar or better results LOL, no skill involved.


  i picked up some FFH lately and am studying GUD, MTY, BYD.UN  etc for 2020



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All in USD, pre-tax:


2019: 31%

2018: 11%

2017: 10%

2016: 22%


Several big winners this year:  Quorum, Charter, XPel (sold too early), HireQuest (nee Command Center), IES Holdings, NVR (sold too early)

Also some big losers:  QVC, Fortress Paper, Flybe [fortunately these were all small positions]


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33%, my 2019 best idea mentioned in the thread hit with STNG up 123%. GLIBA and LBRDA were up around 73%. Started the year with ~55% cash and short term treasuries. Ended the year at 63% cash and a sharp reduction in duration. Didn't open a new position for the entire year, turning into Rip Van Winkle. Current equity allocation is 49% cable, 31% commodities (non energy), 18% energy, 2% financials.




2019: 33.0%

2018: -15.5%

2017: 35.0%

2016: 17.3%

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I did 77.92% in my main discretionary account (retail punter here) for 2019 calendar year, but it was almost all bounce back from quoted value decimation end of 2018 (in like AVP, BRX, COTY, and CAG (lol avon was up like 270%)).  It has been a crazy little ride for a purportedly efficient market.

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2018 and 2019 combined i did just over 20% total.  I tend to exceed in bear and lag in bull markets so i am happy with the results.  I havd a high Canadian and international exposure with a high bond allocation so it never really roars. 


You guys are posting some amazing numbers. Congrats!

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2019: 21%

2018: -19%

2017: 7%

2016: 192%



Experienced my first investment going down to zero. Antibiotic companies lost more than 90% of their market cap from 2016 to 2019, including the bankruptcy of Achaogen in 2019. Happy to be learning everyday and grateful for the CoBF learning community. Thanks everyone and a happy and prosperous 2020 to all.

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Taxable 1:    12.5%, (11.2% annualized since 5/2013), this account runs hedged to a max 20% drawdown (via lots of puts), used to short, and owns puts that hedge taxable 2 so it's a little skewed downward but no excuses lol)


Taxable 2:    Whatever unhedged Berkshire did, more or less, no long term performance data, recently opened Fido account


IRA:            18.5%  (22.5% annualized since 10/2013), concentrated long only


IRA 2            ~16%, Fido account rolled over last year so no long term performance was a 401k in stable value previously


Roth IRA:    16.8%  (17.8% annualized since 10/2013), concentrated long only



Spent a lot on hedges and margin interest in my taxable (which is fine because that's the plan, I invest 100% of my paycheck in my taxable and borrow from it to fund living expenditures, basically I buy 100% of my takehome in hedged Berkshire. The IRA's underperformed but they are very lumpy and I'm okay with that.


Worst decision was getting rid of ~200 bps of BTC in 2016 "cleaning up portfolio".




All Interactive Brokers accounts (this is Taxable 1, IRA 1, and Roth consolidated into one performance because I'm lazy now):


1 yr: -2.41% with S&P and ACWI at -4.3% and -9.4%

3 yr: +14.9% / annum with S&P and ACWI at +9.3% and +6.6%

5 yr: +10.2% / annum with S&P and ACWI at +8.5% and +4.3%


Outperformance to S&P for consolidated IBKR accounts. I am US based and heavily biased to the US and real estate/financials.

1 yr: +1.9%

3 yr: +5.6%

5 yr: +1.7%


Oddly, this year (a down year) my best performing account was the taxable account that is levered long (on a cash basis) and pays a fair bit of margin interest but is hedged with puts to a max drawdown. That account was up 4.4%. The 100% long and unhedged accounts were down between 6 and 8%.


Thus far in my investing career, I don't know if I've added much value against the indices in terms of risk adjusted returns. 1/2 of my assets are in non-taxable accounts which makes me less concerned about adding value after taxes. I think my portfolio is less fundamentally risky than the indices but we will only know over time. I know that from 2011-2013 (before opening IBKR accounts) I outperformed by about 20% cumulatively, so this would improve the since inceptions a bit, maybe to like 3-4% outperformance / year.


My Fidelity accounts don't seem to have a readily available performance calculator. I'll have to look into this. IBKR is over 2/3 of assets.


My work 401K (~8% of asset) was all in stable value then all in REIT index as of February/March (which was a profitable trade) then all in EM Index (which has given a little bit of performance back). The sum of that was a +5% return from index/market timing.




Consolidated IBKR account: 22.6%. Got rid of my Fido taxable and rolled that back into IBKR, have another IRA that's all in TGONF (12% or so return) and a work 401K that's completely in Vanguard Emerging Markets, which returned about 18%, so my overall investments did slightly worse than IBKR accounts.


I'd regard this to be a pretty terrible relative result that will more or less wipe away a few years of S&P 500 outperformance. Reasons for underperformance are easy to spot; my biggest positions lagged the market in a big way.


My largest positions (on a notional basis) are hedged Berkshire, hedged VNO, Tetragon Financial, none of which did all that great, all of which I'm excited about continuing to hold. 


Over the past 6.5 years, consolidated IBKR accounts is about 13.3% / year (literally right on top of the S&P 500), which includes a taxable account at 11.5%/year, an IRA at about 14.8% / year and a another IRA at 17.1% / year.


The IRA's have always been super concentrated. The taxable started out long/short and ended up with me just using hedges and call options to limit drawdown rather than shorting.

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2019: 23 pct.

2018: -6,5 pct.

2017: 18,5 pct.

2016: 45 pct

2015: 12,5 pct.


My biggest positions by far going into the year, Alliance Data Systems and Linamar, really hurt compared relative to the indices.


But I doubled my position in Linamar around the bottom and got a nice rebound year end, and I also had some decent trading around Spectrum Brands, GTN and ETM as well as some very welltimed picks in the UK in the autumn (Motorpoint, Clipper Logistics, Cambria Automobiles, Vertu Motors, St. James Place). Dropped some losers like Walgreens and Molson Coors for Altria which also helped. Overall quiet satisfied, but I'm still trying to find my feet as an investor, and it's very humbling to underperform the indices.


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