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  1. Thank you for sharing, @JGBRK, @Spekulatius& @Parsad have commented on this case in this topic. Honestly, it's really bugging me, after reading the primary source [, linked to in the article linked to by @JGBRK]. Any other commments by my fellow CoBF members? - Thanks in advance,
  2. @Spekulatius & @Gregmal, A bit off topic, but anyway: What is this thingy Mr. Pabrai and a Harward MBA? I have tried to do search. I hope somebody will bring me out of my darkness here.
  3. @MMM20, The purpose of CoFB is actually the crossing of swords [please read : factual based opinions] among the whole sprectrum between longs and shorts, to avoid group thinking and confirmation bias. A belated welcome to CoBF, @MMM20!
  4. Greg, To me, this is a transaction only for accounting purposes, ref. what @StubbleJumper has alluded to earlier in this topic today.
  5. Posted by me in BAM topic on October 26th 2021: "... It's a "tiny puppy" [ ;-D ], and ever growing - right now annexing 450 MB of your drive, and at the moment consisting of 19,409 pages. ..." Posted by Joel [ @racemize ] in the BAM topic on October 26th 2021: "... It is starting to get ridiculous. My PDF program freaks out every time I add a new file to it, which happens pretty often. ..." - - - o 0 o - - - My comment to Joel here: "Take it easy, - at least you're "puppared"".
  6. @Fundmanagerthrwawy, Adam is posting here on CoBF using the username @TREVNI.
  7. Yes, @Dynamic, Likely these transactions catch the interest of SEC.
  8. @StubbleJumper I'm thinking about the content of your post. Thank you for sharing your thoughts & line of thinking.
  9. Hi @Fundmanagerthrwawy, Welcome to CoBF!, Sure, it's hard. Today, it's now about 8 1/2 years ago I joined CoBF, after beeing "orphan" for about 1/2 year after the personal decision "to get serious" into this non-zero-game. Today, I think I spent about 3 years reading the board, basically keeping my mouth shut [providing perhaps some 300 [low quality, I guess] posts during that time span]. During those three years, I sacrified sleep [<-!], to get "a hold" on what I was aiming to to do. [Back then, I was still in the "hamster wheel"]. During those three years, I've spent a lot of time - so to say - to read the board "in another dimension" - I was reading the board as posted by specific members during time - all the way back to the buttom of the GFC, when the recent CoBF was folded out [, to get "inside the mindset" and "modus operandi" of each individual CoBF member]. Today, it strikes me personally -, that there seem to be a correlation - over the years - here at CoBF - between beeing a polite & rational person here on CoBF - and trying to achieve outsized returns, however I can't really prove it, and I won't try to. - - - o 0 o - - No matter my own biases & assumptions, welcome!
  10. SJ, You're killing me. If I could, I would quote your post into the "Jokes"-topic in General Discussion forum. Unfortunately, I'm still not able to do so with the new CoBF setup. Rest assured, I'll find the way to do so along the way. I'm not a "quittor".
  11. I've never succeseeded to read "The Snowball" to its end. From the fraction of what I've read of that book - before throwing it into a corner - where it still is right now - I remember reading something about the renovation of a kitchen, where "Dad" was supposed to "lift" the "plans" financially. "Dad"s answer - according to the book - was: "Talk with your bank about it", or something in that line. Disclosure: I'm biased here.
  12. Berkshire Hathaway Inc. - A family business with a market value of USD 650 B. Huum-ho.
  13. wescobrk, Years back, I tried to find them on the Web, too. No success for me.
  14. Hi Sanjeev, Great move with the new "Hot Deals" forum here on CoBF! And thank for your relentlessly efforts - day in and day out, year in and year out - to keep all us CoBF members connected! Talk to me about "Long Haul"! -Again, thank you!
  15. Today, I had this off topic exchange with James in the BAM topic . Please, stay flexible. Kicked-in footnote here: Today, it's actually 37 years since I moved into where I live today. Please don't do that to yourself. It's an awful experience looking back. It's about gravitation, I think. All the hair you had on top of your head will eventually - because of gravitation, gradually move downwards, towards parts of your body - front & back - where you don't want it to be. Please, stay in motion - for your own sake.
  16. Thank you, gfp, Your post makes lots of sense to me personally. Again, let's see.
  17. Saturday evening I watched "An Affair" on Viasat Series - I really don't know how many parts of it I watched, but it was about 4:00 AM sunday when I went to bed, I think. It's basically a story of how the libido of two human beings attracted to each other destructs two families into a friggin' mess.
  18. R.I.P. @Xerxes, your question qualifies without being considered disrespectful by me, personally. We will see.
  19. Jeff, Shutting up won't do it. To look pretty, you need to shave.
  20. Here is a [not in any way by me confirmed] group chart of the company.
  21. Viking, I recall back in April 2017, I attended the AGM of Vestas Wind Systems A/S i Aarhus, Denmark. At that AGM, the Lady of the House attended, too, and we met with @TBW. [He is just such an awesome guy in every aspect!] I recall Tim asked if I've ever looked at this Chineese behemoth of a RE developer, that was writing empty real estate up, up, up! Tim is a long/short guy. He was in self-occilation & mental overdrive. [ :- D] I had forgotten the name of the company, but now I think I remember it! Now I'm in urge to get in contact with Tim to hear if he ever found a way to short this darn thing! [ ; - D]
  22. Here is another tweet about Evergrande from a Twitter user called Ming Zhao. To me, it reads just ..."juicy".
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