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  2. Drinking some Caymus 2021 Cabernet. Not amazing for the price. I’ve been drinking Frank family Cabernet at half the price, and I think it’s better. Not a wine connoisseur, so maybe I have bad taste.
  3. ^Filed yesterday under point 35: "Pilot has forfeited any entitlement to the relief it seeks by engaging in misconduct in relation to the very matter in controversy on its claims, namely, the value of its Put Option in 2024." There has been irreparable damage under way that needs concurrent legal treatment. There are still a few pieces of the puzzle missing and some lingering open questions but Can't You Smell That Smell?
  4. I get the trophy asset/Mona Lisa argument but cash flow's gotta be somewhat important, no? Oakland A's are losing money and they can't all issue bonds like Man U... I don't like Cuban much but I get the feeling he's got good sense for timing
  5. Charlie Munger was a bottomless well of wisdom. What a great man in thought, words and action. I was reading Charlie's Almanack again ~10 years after I first read it and it was so deep and relevant and I was able to make more connections with more life experience. I will be eternally grateful for the wisdom he shared as I think it made many of us better human beings. “Always take the high road, it's far less crowded.” ― Charlie Munger
  6. Well, this countersuit against the Haslams begins to provide some additional color on actions that might otherwise seem out of character for the culture playbook at BRK.
  7. Yesterday
  8. Maybe not for you Spec, but many online who had no training in Biology, or limited understanding of infectious diseases, were aggressively pushing all sorts of ridiculousness.
  9. Now that the US is involved and have linked their assassination attempt to Canada's assassination, it will be interesting see how this plays out. It looks like the US undercover officer who was acting as a hitman in the US received a video of the Canadian assassination the day after it took place. This was the proof the Canadian government had on India. The key will be connecting these people back to the Indian government. https://www.theglobeandmail.com/canada/article-us-investigation-into-alleged-plot-to-kill-sikh-activist-in-new-york/
  10. Well, I guess he isn't after all: https://bleacherreport.com/articles/10099175-mark-cuban-no-chance-ill-run-for-president-after-mavericks-sale-shark-tank-exit?utm_source=cnn.com&utm_medium=referral&utm_campaign=editorial Too bad! Hey but Prime Minister is available! Cheers!
  11. Well, it wouldn’t be the first time they have done something like this. As a long suffering Browns fan, I would be really happy if they swapped Pilot for the Browns!
  12. I think he's going to run as a Presidential candidate. Cheers!
  13. What's amazing about both Buffett & Munger is that for such old men, they have the most uncanny comic timing with younger people, and can make the most rational ideas starkly apparent to laymen. That's a rare gift...to be able to teach people while entertaining them, and hopefully make them better human beings at the end of it! Cheers!
  14. Munger taught us how to invest, how to think about investing, how to live a happy life, how to handle success & failure, understand human psychology... What more one can ask for?
  15. All I can do is think of the 2022 Berk Shareholders Meeting Film. The Breaking Bad skit, where at the end Charlie leans back in his office chair wearing a jacket covered in dollar signs and says: "Brittle, bitches!" Always brings a smile to my face. The man was so much. Investor, lawyer, architect, constant learner, etc. I will continue to learn from him for the remainder of my life. RIP Charlie!
  16. I still feel sad to this day about Robin Williams...went well before his time...one of the greatest comics of all time, as well as a superb actor! Whereas Munger lived a full life, so it doesn't sting as badly. Either way, the loss of both is a loss for society! Cheers!
  17. Yeah, Bucee's is one we want, alongside In & Out and Chik-Fil-A! Cheers!
  18. I enjoyed reading most/all of the comments here. That said, i must say the “business media” idea of remembering Charlie Munger is fg&&;ing lame. They talk about See Candies and helping Buffett “pivot” and BYD. Are you serious …. is that the only thing they can come up with. It is like trying to remember Napoleon, and talking about Austerlitz, Borodino and Wagram. “Oh yeah he took some scalps there, didn’t he”. Instead of macro earthquake that he was.
  19. Haslam has always been a pill popping, alcoholic, train wreck. Hard to not know what you're dealing with here. Buffett, needs to back out of the entire deal, give Haslam his company back and then WEB can go BUY Bucee's! LOL.
  20. can always cash out and he gets an expansion team back in DFW. That same article off ESPN which is the third quote mentioned the Adelson’s were the biggest donor for the governor’s campaign so maybe them becoming majority owner greases the wheels a bit to get gambling and the casino build but no doubt they’ll probably leverage the Vegas arena as an option
  21. I love this quote from Charlie: I think life is a whole series of opportunity costs. You know, you got to marry the best person who is convenient to find who will have you. Investment is much the same sort of a process. I feel a sense of deep loss but then Charlie left us so much wisdom that he will forever be with us.
  22. I love Kuppys summary of that period of time…”Our disparate account statements stand witness to the decisions we each made.”
  23. Rest in peace. Great teacher and role model. I've been enjoying some of the youthful pics of him that has been circulating in articles. Very dashing.
  24. Really sad. One of the rarest people who if you disagree with him, it is safe to assume you are very likely wrong.
  25. Every epidemic becomes endemic or the host dies out, so that was never in question. What was questionable is what happens until the epidemic becomes endemic.
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