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  1. I'm actually not totally sure that I to the full extent understand the last post by Jurgis here in this topic, I mean, shoudn't this poll be two dimentional? [The "second dimension being "old members" [from before the migration to the new software platform], who will maintain their privileges from "the old forum platform"], and new members?
  2. Within the last couple of days, I've : 1. Added to BRK.B, 2. Added to BAM, 3. Added to MC.PA, & 3. Added to SCHO.CPH, [all, small additions], Furthermore, 4. Added to NORTHM.CPH, [North Media A/S] 5. Started a new position in SPG.CPH [SP Group A/S], & 6. Started a new position in RTX.CPH [RTX A/S]. - - - o 0 o - - All small portfolio movements.
  3. Thank you for sharing, gfp, It certainly appears to be an interesting acquisition candidate for Berkshire. I really can't imagine a company with this kind of activity ever loosing its relevance for societies going forward long term. It'll be interesting to see what the founding family does here. Is it about maximizing the economic outcome of a sale [where the buyer[s] suck[s] every drop of blood out of it, with the intent afterwards to flip it], or will it be about finding a new good & permanent home for the company, with a new & supportive owner, also willing to support new
  4. For those of my fellow CoBF members, who continue to try to distort a topic like this into a political discussion, here we go : 1. Enter the main page [www.thecobf.com], 2. Hover over "Forums", 3. Then your are opted to choose between "INVESTMENT FORUM" or "POLITICS FORUM", & 4. Make your choise, according to what's on your mind! - - - o 0 o - - - It's that plain simple [,and then, yet not, based on what your purpose of holding an account here on CoBF really is!].
  5. ValueMaven, You'll likely get some feedback in this topic, when the CoBF members, who have ordered the book, will post their experience while reading this book. - - - o 0 o - - - NB : -& personally honestly [& likely very biased] : Snowball up where the sun doesn't shine! - I simply hate that book!
  6. Here is a podcast interview with Adam Mead about the book : Validea Guru Investor Blog [April 1st 2021] : The History of Berkshire Hathaway and Warren Buffett with Adam Mead (Ep. 80) . It's pretty evident from the interview, that Adam is extremely well wandered in Berkshire, and that his Twitter handle BRK_Student dresses him well! [ : - ) ]
  7. Yes, Jeff, I, too, am comfortable this will be a leap forward for CoBF as a whole, to become a better place for everyone here. We need to give Sanjeev the time to set up things to our purpose.
  8. Posted as a draft by me in the morning my local time [Denmark] on March 31st 2021, without pressing "submit": "Woah! , -thank you, Sanjeev! [ ; - D] -Earlier today [this morning, my local Northern European Time], I noticed the site going off line, with an unusual reponse message. It looks great! - Much more phone & tablet friendly!" - - - o 0 o - - - Now, going back to this topic, -what I then wrote, is "still here", as a draft! [cached]. - - - o 0 o - - - All migrations to another software platform are challenges. I've spent the last few days just looking ar
  9. Greg, What you are posting about long term investing here in this topic is true, simply because opportunity costs are subject to compounding, too. Imagine being wrong on a company for decade, or more. To ride the stock of a company for decade, or more, you have to like it, otherwise the position will impact the quality of your life in a negative way [loss of sleep, occupying your mind during your hours awake, perhaps also while doing other stuff than investing [on/off] [posted in general, very well aware of, that you're a money manager with a high energy level - for other persons tha
  10. Paul, In way, it's beyond me, why you're interested in people, who have [basically] folded, and closed up shop. What value do you get out of the information about the late innings?
  11. Please note Berkshire Hathaway 2020 Annual Report, p. K-101 : Note 17 : Outstanding notes and other borrowings : A bit processed [& thereby simplified]: BHE : USD B 52.153, & BNSF : USD B 23.220, Total : USD B 75.373. And then [same page]: When you have read so far, and taken it in ... - please read it again! -Covenants related to leverage ratios, interest coverage ratios &/or debt service coverage ratios! -Imagine a debt holder approaching Berkshire with an allegation of breach ... -What do you think would happen? [My bet : Allocation to the [non-existent] d
  12. <Off topic> : Greg, I suppose ads started popping up embedded into posts [and embedded posts] a few months ago. Personally, I'm with you on this matter. It would be nice with an optionality here. [PS: I just visited RedTube ..., At least no "cookie reaction" here by that! [ ; - D ].] <End off topic> & <Back to topic>
  13. Each to their own, The whole situation with regard to Texan energy supply is to me so lame. [it's now about 20 years - or so - ago here [Denmark, Northern Europe], that the grid [basically] got burried into the ground - to avoid such situations as in Texas recently]]. I remember Mr. Flatt constantly over the last few years talking about funds to step in to solve basic problems & provide solutions for basic needs, while public authorities or entities simply can't, or won't, deliver the services needed for the population in certain areas.
  14. Castanza, Please read your fellow CoBF members' posts with an open mind, & a good deal of mental flexibility and tolerance, and from the perspective that every member has the best intentions to contribute in a constructive way. Calling named CoBF members out for basically calling you an idiot [, to me personally, when they don't do], is just such a "no-go" & bad form. It only leads to conflicts, clashes & the like here on CoBF, causing good people here to leave CoBF, because they've got enough of it. Please make your own personal choice with regard to receiving a vaccine o
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