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  1. Yep. Either their inside information isn’t that good, or they don’t execute on it well. So who cares?
  2. Didn’t the vice chair of the FRB just resign over this?
  3. Yeah I mean I'm definitely over the scare tactics and checking all the data and such. I wear the mask where people require it, I'm vaxxed and boosted, so now it's just whatever. I've done my part. That said I took a look at the CDC's excess deaths in Colorado for 2021 and it's definitely outside the average band. NYC however it is barely a blip for 2021. But then again CO has more never-vaxx than I think NYC would.
  4. Flew back to NYC over the holidays, flight attendants asking "are there any medical professionals on board?" Five minutes later they break out an oxygen tank for some dude a few rows up. Needless to say: Runny nose and sneezing for a day, and a cough the next day. Maybe a slight headache the next few days but could've been hangovers...tough to tell. Gave it to the entire family too (assuming I was the patient zero) Same story here in Colorado - lots of restaurants without dine-in service because people are covid+. Girlfriend (MD) caught it independently as I was out of state, and says hospital beds are at 93% capacity in the state. Not sure how effective liquor is vs. the coronavirus but I'll make sure to keep testing.
  5. Fully exited Livenation yesterday at 125, cost basis was ~45 during the march 2020 drop. Was the only thing I held throughout from that time period (most other purchases were call options which were sold and reinvested in the underlyings)
  6. About 43% in my investible accounts. Private RE holdings went up ~14% on an unlevered basis but I maintain 80% LTV so much higher cash on cash returns.
  7. Check audiokarma. They’re my “go to” for audiophile needs.
  8. Same. It got a lot of hate from the diehard readers but as someone who never read the books, I enjoyed it as well. Got me looking forward to reading the books, actually.
  9. What's the thinking? I agree it's looked cheap. Inflation + looking at crypto as the comp
  10. Happy holidays all, and an obligatory thanks to you Sanjeev for maintaining this forum. A bit less of an engaging year from myself but happy to be a part of this community. Cheers!
  11. Howard seems to me like a bit of a weirdo to be frank And actually on 2nd thought I would prefer he never has any link to Berkshire.
  12. What is your opinion on valuation? Looks like it's trading ~16x AFFO
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