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  1. can always cash out and he gets an expansion team back in DFW. That same article off ESPN which is the third quote mentioned the Adelson’s were the biggest donor for the governor’s campaign so maybe them becoming majority owner greases the wheels a bit to get gambling and the casino build but no doubt they’ll probably leverage the Vegas arena as an option
  2. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/features/2023-11-22/utah-jazz-streaming-service-is-a-test-for-nba-nhl-post-rsn-model Also, what's the odds the Mavericks move to Vegas? Their lease expires in 2031? New owners are from Vegas who have a nice arena available. https://www.dallasnews.com/sports/mavericks/2021/11/11/mark-cuban-likelihood-of-mavericks-staying-at-american-airlines-center-is-less-than-50/
  3. lol, the truth hurts I guess. #1 in the sport but haven't won a trophy since 2011. So congrats on being the Tottenham Hotspurs of the sport.
  4. replace Russia and Ukraine with Israel and Hamas and I don't think people would be ok with bombing refugee camps (multiple times!) and The Hague would be busy writing up war crime charges on the heads of the Russian military.....but when Israel does it, "it's just them defending themselves...."
  5. Cricket team going down in flames
  6. Up there with Druck top ticking the tech bubble.
  7. between the corporate board seats, speaking fees, consulting fees, and thinktank salary he'll be taking in, he'll be making hunter biden money in no time flat. but he's been biden's conduit for a long time so if he resigns you can bet the ship is sinking behind the scenes.
  8. been messing around with ChatGPT to do some data aggregation and calculations based on the aggregated data. Going to be a long while before it starts stealing people's jobs if you are dealing with important numbers or had to tie to some type of reconciliation. I finally just took the aggregation piece which was maybe 80% correct and just did the calculations myself.
  9. oh yes, i'm sure it will be a great thing for society when 80% of people don't work. What's the old proverb? idle hands are the devil's workshop? But given our current society that revers technocrats, unpunishes corruption, and doesn't really stand up for workers rights, I don't see the "societal safety net" holding water....It'll be the usual tax dodging, union busting, political bribery, the "I'll get mine and you'll get crumbs" that's been the status quo for the past nearly half century. More likely this leads to more polarization of society even more than we currently have, uprisings, wars, and human suffering. Sorry to rain on the kumbaya utopias discussion.
  10. Guess if that’s the case it’s also set for another Great Depression then
  11. yep, and with the bailout comes regulation to the industry
  12. makes sense they were probably juicing short term earnings via the trading business that was probably a short term gain and a long term loss. Haslams get more for their shares and stick it to the old man. Berkshire takes control and now taking the chance to stick it to the Haslams.
  13. only so much blood you can put on the front page
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