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  1. Depends if governments want to take their medicine now or kick the can down the road as far as they can.
  2. Protests going to lead to a spread of the virus only for all the protestors to go home for a relatively early Lunar New Year in January and spread it amongst the elderly.
  3. You can always count on Greg doing things right before he's about to get chewed out.
  4. Inflation has peaked as the US is pumping out 1MM barrels of oil a day in artificial supply from the SPR. What happens when they stop?
  5. My best barometer for pain index is to cruise on over to r/wallstreetbets and see how they are getting along. Then of course if we get the VIX over 35, ideally 40. Until then just twiddling my thumbs. Have about 33% sitting in tbills that is my 'in case of fire, break glass'.
  6. The Sapporo just tastes better in Hokkaido
  7. Should just move to Southeast Asia and live a normal existence for the price of vanlife at home
  8. So Biden is going to keep the tap on the SPR until at least November. If Europe doesn't have gas until at least April. What happens when the USA turns off the taps, runs out, or needs to be refilled and the artificial surplus suddenly disappears? Then throw in a re-opening China. How do you lose in this set up? A giant recession that kills demand? The supply side is still going to be an issue.
  9. This thread sheds some light on why Putin might benefit from blowing up his pipeline:
  10. Isn't the easiest way to play to wait until China inches toward re-opening. Not going to happen until after middle of this month at least. Isn't the next for sure catalyst for oil prices? Which I saw something on the singapore news this morning that it was a big deal Xi and the politburo had photos of a meeting taken without them wearing masks. Taiwan and Japan are both reopening this month. Seems like it's got to be getting close.
  11. It's hard to dispute the financial arguments. I guess I'd have to go back when the Fed was pumping timing to all the vaccine stuff he was talking about.
  12. Setting up for another October crash at this rate.
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