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  1. Anybody in or near the Philadelphia area on this board? Looking to start or join a monthly meetup out here.
  2. Sold out of Think Childcare tonight. 100%+ in 4 months. Bought after the company had received two prelim takeover proposals. 2020 was the year of the overbid special situations!
  3. Jeremy is spot on. I've owned this name for a bit.
  4. Yeah, he's great! I had certainly pre-judged him as a bit of a righteous asshole and he was literally anything but. Def a more open and approachable demenaor. He even thanked me for being a Berkshire shareholder. The guy truly gets partnership.
  5. Called Charlie Munger's office once and he picked up the phone. We spent nearly an hour talking and he listened to me like what I had to share with him was the most important thing in the world. Lots of questions, lots of curiosity. He understood very complex things rather quickly. I wrote a letter to Warren Buffett and he shared with me about his terrible Texas Holdem Poker skills in his letter back to me. At one annual meeting - I met Bill Gates at a bar. I asked him if he was into sports and he goes "no but my friend owns the Mariners" (there was a Mariners / Twins game in the backgro
  6. CEO is doing a room on Clubhouse right now
  7. My Account for 2020 +56.68% TWR +66.12% MWR Biggest Winners: Trupanion Liberated Syndication Game Account Network Bragg Gaming Facebook Amazon Conic Metals AerCap SandRidge Mississippian Trust I Manning & Napier Support.com Affymax Myrexis TSR Yowie Wilson Learning Worldwide Clean Seas Tuna Brookfield Property CDR NTT System SA Alaska Communications Think Childcare Link Administration Holdings St. Joe Corp Griffin Industrial Hingham Institution for Savings
  8. Happy New Year CoBF fam Wishing you all creating an amazing 2021. Here to support you all however I can - do not ever hesitate to make any huge requests of me, ever - no matter how unreasonable they may appear. Warmly, Eric
  9. If you like the asset and the management and the ability to use the stock at currency at above NAV or buybacks below - than holding it for 10 years will probably do better than trading it. Even if it doesn't work out - all you need is 1 out of 10 situations to do really spectacular to make more money than the other 9. I look at it like a lifetime basket approach.
  10. Perhaps I'm reading into this but wanted to hear some thoughts. First, there was this news release where the guy who helped bring LAACO into the self-storage business retired. The current CEO is pretty old and her husband also recently retired. I believe the rest of the family is on the Athletic Club side of the business and not the SS side (unless I'm wrong here). I think it is likely that after the CEO retires, they would sell the SS business. I have spoken to someone high up at the company saying that they hoped the SS business eventually gets sold as they believe it is worth significant
  11. REPLY Question #1: "The servicer probably can't operate the mall, they are a loan servicer, not a mall operator." Answer #1: Servicers own and operate properties all the time. They can own an asset for up to 3 years according to IRS guidelines. Question #2: "If it sits there vacant it will lose even more value. They will want to sell it as fast as they can, and one of the buyers could be Brookfield." Answer #2: Again – they don’t often sell quickly. They often hold and stabilize and then sell Question #3: "Do they now go from being the owner of the mall to a tenant?" Answer #3: Yes
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