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  1. I must admit that I did not get it then and I do not get it now. I get Wayfair and own it, but RH not really. Maybe RH is the Peloton of furniture shopping or something like that. It would be very interesting to get honest opinion from Warren about RH. He should have insights from his furniture businesses. (Not gonna happen. Even if you buy the multiM lunch.)
  2. I only had 1/3 of a share, so could not sell 1/3... I'm gonna ftw.
  3. @Spekulatius iz CoBF meme stonk picker extraordinaire.
  4. I am going to be in NYC this weekend. I'm probably going to miss the meetup, since I have to tourist a relative at the time. Might be able to do a dinner on Sunday, 6/20. Dinner on Saturday is iffy. Will be wandering around the Met (or whatever you New Yorkers call it) Sunday from ~11 am, so if anyone's interested in art + investing at the same time... Feel free to PM about any of these if interested.
  5. Thanks @patience_and_focus. It is a sad situation.
  6. Net value (price minus mortgage(s)) or gross value?
  7. "No politics on CoBF" is dead. Good job @Parsad * it's not just this thread. It's pretty pervasive.
  8. And this has been different for the last 10+ years of almost zero inflation how?
  9. $DISH screwed up. Best case for them $CMCSA or $AMZN could buy them. Not holding stock or my breath though.
  10. Thanks @bizaro86 and @Gamecock-YT. Yeah, I prefer cash back cards. Just got Bonvoy card in 2019 for the sign up and tier bennies and was wondering what's the best I can do with points. I'll try to use them asap. 2020 was a lost year on that.
  11. Looking for some value investor wisdom. Any good ways to use Marriott Bonvoy points? I see NerdWallet valuing Bonvoy points at 0.9 cent per point ( https://www.nerdwallet.com/article/travel/airline-miles-and-hotel-points-valuations ). But when I look at their suggestions for Bonvoy point use ( https://www.nerdwallet.com/article/travel/the-many-ways-to-use-marriott-bonvoy-points ), they are at best 0.5 per point (some hotel stays) or 0.25 cent per point (gift cards). Conversion to airline miles are 3:1, which makes the points ~0.33 cent (depending on how you value the miles). Any suggestions of how to get anything close to 0.9 cent value? Any other great ideas? Thanks
  12. An idea from FinTwit. Majority of business - "cloud" RE brokerage. There are some - likely zero - moonshots. High growth, high trailing OCF/FCF. There’s investor deck at http://expworldholdings.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/05/EXPI-Investor-Deck-May-2021-.pdf Majority of revenues/earnings are from their RE brokerages. So there’s a risk of RE downturn and a risk of them losing/churning agents, although they claim very agent-friendly terms (see deck). There is a risk that the company is promotional (see deck for buzzwords). Anyone has opinion, risks, gotchas?
  13. It's impossible to predict 50 years. It is very likely that none of the specific companies will survive 50 years. Very very likely they will underperform unless they hit some AGI jackpot. But then assuming AGI is benevolent, you likely will benefit immensely even if you're not an investor in the company. With pistol to the head, I'd buy 40% IWF, 10% XBI, 50% VTI.
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