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  1. I'm sure they can find some smaller brands and overpay to get a little topline. hah
  2. Yeah seems pretty cheap versus self. I had to swallow hard and pay up a bit. Not down to GFC levels or anything but just going to try and tickle in here since Mr. market seems to think Ozempic is making it a zero.
  3. I don't really like any of their brands but Brown and Forman.
  4. I agree with this and think you could look at other examples in history to support this assertion.
  5. I just decided to apply a moving average price rule to my intermediate term treasury allocation, across relevant tax advantaged accounts, whenever the term premium (or whatever the proper name for the spread over bills is) is in the bottom 50% of historical observations, (i.e., when duration risk is historically expensive). So, I sold down my bonds. You guys will probably be right.
  6. He should be running for president as the Republican nominee imo.
  7. Yeah I would never invest in Ford or GM and I own airlines.
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