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Poll: Do you drink alcohol or do recreational drugs? Within the last week.

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Neither in the last week, but I am not philosophically against either.  I probably have about 6-12 beers/year and do recreational drugs far less than even that (it's been a few years).  But as far as what others do ... smoke em if you've got em, I don't mind.



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I typically have a few beers (or sometimes a glass or two of wine) on Friday and Saturday nights. Once in a while during the week, but not often.


I'll smoke weed a few times a year. Haven't touched anything harder in probably over 10 years.

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Kraven, 13th January 2015 on this board:

... There has to be a balance between the view of value investing as the hanging of beautiful art in a museum and real life.  What good does it do anyone to say on their death bed "well, I guess in the final accounting, I lived a good life, had wonderful children and a beautiful wife . . .  and the final numbers are in, and I guess my returns from investing were good after al."l!"


I drink wine to my dinner every day. I insist on it. The wine depends on the dish [red wine, wine rosé, white wine].


My track record basically has not much to do with IRR, despite I'm measuring it. I look at the face of the Ruler / Lady of the House every day to measure my degree of success. And I talk a lot with her about investments.


What matters is that I have actually made a material difference for three generations in our separate families going forward [read: inheritance taxes], and she understands that.


So I get my glass(es) of wine every day.[/color]

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Guest cherzeca

depends on my analytic load.  if i am working though some heavy stuff, then no booze.  if i am taking a break, dont mind a gin martini or three.  too old for weed etc...

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These days mainly one, occasionally two, microbrews a couple of times a week. My favorite microbrews these days are from New Holland Brewing. If you like stouts you'll love several from New Holland--The Poet, Dragon's Milk Stout, and Night Tripper. Night Tripper being my favorite of the three. Note Dragon's Milk and Night Tripper are 11% alcohol.


By the way, I never inhaled.

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Every Thursday we have a "Safety Meeting" after working a full day from 7:00am 'till 1:00pm.

The other two attendees work(one owns the business) the other doesn't really have to work

but likes riding around in the truck. I don't work but attend the meeting. I haven't heard one

safety issue discussed at any meeting. The meeting lasts until we are out of beer of or someone's

wife needs a hand carrying in the groceries. Once in awhile the whiskey comes out of the cupboard

when the 'safety' issues turn political. Quite often we solve all of the worlds problems at these


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Used to, but no alcohol anymore. Wine is good for a man when it's a woman that drink it  ;)


I'm glad I'm not the only one who hates wine.  I could never stand it.  A good whiskey is OK, but I don't go out of my way to drink it.  The only alcohol I really enjoy is dark beers, and since I've been trying to keep my carbs on the low side I don't drink very often anymore.


Here's an article for the wine snobs:  https://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2013/jun/23/wine-tasting-junk-science-analysis


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