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  1. Salvatore is following Frank Zappa'a suggestion. “It’s not getting any smarter out there. You have to come to terms with stupidity and make it work for you,” Frank Zappa.
  2. West Los Angeles, that is probably the value of the lot..
  3. My daughter just bought a new condo. It was built in 1981 and hasn't been updated. She's replacing floors, tearing down walls etc. Sheets of plywood that would have been around $30 six months ago are costing her around $150.
  4. John, I don't recall seeing it in the CoBF Books forum. It has been quite a while since I read it, > 10 years. So, I don't recall what is in it other than I had a good impression. I should reread it. I probably would get much more out of it today than I did when I originally read it. If I get to rereading it, I will post my impressions and some detail of what I got out of it. Mike
  5. And I meant BRK has been a coffee can stock since 1965, not that I have owned BRK since 1965!
  6. We had a homeowners policy with Liberty that was set up through GEICO. Same thing happened, the rates crept up to where we finally realized we had to shop around. About 6 months ago my wife contacted GEICO and they got her several quotes. We are now with Travelers for about 2/3 the cost for essentially the same coverage.
  7. We had a sump pump fail about 20 years ago and made a claim. Now we cannot get a policy for ground water flooding for our house with any insurer. Two years ago our daughter's condo was broken into, many things trashed, and some things stolen. She had a security system but they had her on the phone for over 5 minutes before they called the police, so he got away. When we inquired about a claim we learned that if she made a claim she would not be insurable for burglary with any insurer. The security company admitted their agent screwed up waiting so long to call the police. Our attorney said alarm company contracts almost universally disclaim any liability for damages related to theft even it it is their fault. When you make a claim you are put in the CLUE (Comprehensive Loss Underwriting Exchange) data base. So they all see your history when you apply for insurance.
  8. McDonnell Douglas president Michael Sears, who became CFO of Boeing after the merger, ended up a convicted felon. He was involved in "hiring" a government employee who was in the process of giving Boeing a $20 billion lease agreement.
  9. I should have waited a few minutes to give my old brain time to retrieve what I was looking for! The system is C.L.U.E.
  10. Insurance companies can see all your previous insurance claims in some data base. I cannot recall the name of that data base and wondering if anyone knows what it is called?
  11. Has been since 1965. Currently 80% of my coffee can is filled with BRKB.
  12. I remember his book, "Unconventional Success," as being pretty good.
  13. It is my wife's favorite shoe and she found the ad. I've tried to find them but without success.
  14. Did anyone get a pair of these? https://www.brooksrunning.com/en_us/berkshire-hathaway-running-shoe/?tid=em:br:USA|20210430_Gear_Berkshire-Hathaway-PP|CV3X:Catch+Warren+Buffett+inside:April+30,+2021&utm_source=bm23&utm_medium=email&utm_term=Image+-+Bank+on+a+great+run+|+Now+we're+in+business.+Our+limited-edition+Ghost+13+provides+a+soft,+smooth+ride+-+plus+design+details+that+celebrate+our+parent+company,+Berkshire+Hathaway,+and+its+founder,+Warren+Buffett.&utm_content=Image+-+Bank+on+a+great+run+|+Now+we're+in+business.+Our+limited-edition+Ghost+13+provides+a+soft,+smooth+ride+-+plus+design+details+that+celebrate+our+parent+company,+Berkshire+Hathaway,+and+its+founder,+Warren+Buffett.&utm_campaign=USA|20210430_Gear_Berkshire-Hathaway-PP|CV3X&_bta_tid=242529284421392130194237307719843197933726269696527573566139194469698952976933748718081129594830176520
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