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  1. It would depend on price, availability, bandwidth, and latency. I have no love for the cable company, if there was a better option I'd switch.
  2. Ha! Drunken buffoons are not always wrong!
  3. I did something similar. I bought it years ago and sold after a double. I'm not even going to go back and look when that was and at what price, because I'm sure it would be painful. I bought it back in May of this year and am up 115% or so and still holding.
  4. Could be. I often put in a limit order for the bid price if I want to buy it quickly and I never noticed this happening until recently. It used to be that an order at the bid price would fill immediately most of the time. Now I have to put it in just above the bid price and I get it at the bid price.
  5. I've been noticing something weird the last few weeks when I put in limit orders to buy. It just happened to me today. I put in a limit order to buy at $11.16 which was the current bid. It sat there for a few minutes with nothing happening. So I hit "cancel and replace" and change my limit to $11.17. It cancels the $11.16 order, then the $11.17 order immediately fills at $11.16 I've noticed this over and over again lately. I cancel and replace with a 1 penny higher limit and it fills for 1 penny (or more) less. Why wouldn't it fill with my lower limit if it was going to fill at that price anyway with the higher limit? I'm sure there is an explanation for this but I don't know it.
  6. More AIV Jan 2024 $5 calls and more SRUUF.
  7. Well said. This is basically what I was thinking getting back into Fairfax this year. I will not hold it forever.
  8. That was a great book. Written 25 years ago and still 100% relevant today. I re-read it earlier this year and it holds up 100%, even if he did think some of these changes would happen more quickly than they did/are/will. The changes in society from the printing press or the firearm took centuries, the changes from the digitalization of the world will be quicker than that, but still better measured in decades not years. This is my favorite quote: Excerpt from “The Sovereign Individual: Mastering the Transition to the Information Age”, by James Dale Davidson and Lord William Rees-Mogg, 1997: “Disdain as a Leading Indicator Moral outrage against corrupt leaders is not an isolated historical phenomenon, but a common precursor of change. It happens again and again whenever one era gives way to another. Whenever technological change has divorced the old forms from the new moving forces of the economy, moral standards shift, and people begin to treat those in command of the old institutions with growing disdain. This widespread revulsion comes into evidence well before people develop a new coherent ideology of change. As we write, there is as yet little evidence of an articulate rejection of politics. That will come later. It has not yet occurred to most of your contemporaries that a life without politics is possible. What we have in the final years of the twentieth century is inarticulate disdain. Something similar happened in the late fifteenth century, but at that time it was religion rather than politics that was in the process of being downsized.” This was starting to happen in 1997, but distain for everyone in government has grown dramatically ever since. It has accelerated since the Trump election and then again after Biden's election, it has gone far beyond "inarticulate disdain" to the level of articulated hatred. My thoughts are the hatred, disdain, distrust, and disrespect for everything government will continue to grow throughout the years accelerating with every new administration when nothing changes and the ruling class can no longer control the narrative. Government will become a parody of itself and more and more people will be looking at it in disgust and looking to ignore it. A non-governmental medium of exchange is a critical component of that. whether it ends up being bitcoin or something else (I think it will be bitcoin) the technology is now commonplace and can not be put back in the bottle.
  9. But why is this Bitcoins fault. As you agree people use dollars and gold, does that mean those things are bad? And should be banned? Black markets will trade in whatever is valuable. If Bitcoin is valuable someone will accept it in trade for goods and services, some of those good or services will not be legal. So what? A drug dealer isn't going to stop dealing drugs if you ban Bitcoin. He will go back to accepting dollars, so what is accomplished? People use artwork and expensive watches to launder money, should we not allow the market in art or watches? The medium of exchange is not the problem. You are barking up the wrong tree.
  10. I don't know if there is good data on this, but I find it hard to believe that the major drug cartels do much if any business in Bitcoin. There is some relatively infinitesimal amount of retail trade on the dark web, but the illegal drug industry on planet Earth is almost entirely a USD based industry. Worrying that Bitcoin is used in the drug trade today is sort of like worrying that hammers are often used in murders. Yes, it happens, but not very often compared with other tools. And even if Bitcoin replaces dollars in the drug trade it would just mean that it is just as bad as the dollar, not necessarily worse. If you are going to demonize a currency because it is used by criminals then the USD should be the first thing you should want to ban in today's world.
  11. Don't worry the same people will be on the same sides, saying the same things, in 2031 when Bitcoin is trading at $1M-$5M each and still has nothing backing it. LOL
  12. Criminal activity such as drugs, human trafficking, etc, the USD is just as good and used far more often. It is laughable to assume that BTC is being used even a fraction as much as the dollar in the drug trade currently. As far as “tax fraud” is concerned, the other name for that is “hiding money from racketeers”. And yes the government should probably be concerned about that.
  13. That's like saying Amazon.com is just a company with a website and anyone can start a company with a website, there are millions of them and more being created every day. Oh wait, value investors did say that about Amazon.com for decades.... Also Ethereum is Turing complete which makes it dangerous. Bitcoin not being Turing complete is a feature not a bug. Ethereum and Bitcoin are fundamentally different things.
  14. There was a time when paper money was useless too, but people seem to accept it now though. Times change. Some people change with the times, others don't... until they do. None of these anti-BTC posts are going to age well I think. I will have a chuckle someday though. Until then we will just have to agree to disagree.
  15. "supported by its tax revenue base" is another way of saying what I've already said. It is supported by its ability to take a significant portion of the wealth created by everyone who lives in a large area of the planet under threat of violence, and to demand that payment in dollars. It has a large protection racket and it is likely that it will continue for the foreseeable future. I'm not saying that it is unreasonable to value dollars, I hold them myself, I'm just being realistic as to what gives them the value they hold. As for BTC not having anything "backing it"; it is valuable in and of itself because of its properties. It is useful and will become far more useful in the future. I know it is in vogue for value investors to laugh at the concept of holding gold because it "doesn't produce anything", but people have valued it for its money like properties for thousands of years and will continue to do so. Bitcoin has superior money-like properties to gold and thus people will value it, regardless of what value investors think.
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