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  1. By far it was ETH followed by BTC. I bought BTC in 2014 at around $200 and ETH in 2015 at $8. I turned a small 4 digit investment into a 7 digit return. I’ve made some good stock investments over the years, but nothing like that. I just wish I had bought a lot more.
  2. This is the one we want. Chick-fil-A, Buc-ee's, Hobby Lobby Merge To Form Most Popular Store Of All Time https://babylonbee.com/news/chick-fil-a-buc-ees-hobby-lobby-merge-to-form-most-popular-store-of-all-time
  3. Sorry I didn’t realize I had that kind of power. Let me give it another try: You could be the President of Russia.
  4. That is ominous. I had no idea he was behind that either. That eye-scanning orb was creepy AF, I can’t believe people lined up to be scanned. I wouldn’t trust this guy as far as I could throw him.
  5. Netflix gives this guy millions to produce a series and he loses it trading options with it. Oops. The Strange $55 Million Saga of a Netflix Series You’ll Never See https://www.nytimes.com/2023/11/22/business/carl-rinsch-netflix-conquest.html or ( https://archive.ph/uZMPN#selection-1037.145-1041.197 ) "Mr. Rinsch transferred $10.5 million of the $11 million to his personal brokerage account at Charles Schwab and, using options, placed risky bets on the stock market, according to copies of his bank and brokerage statements included in the divorce case. One of his wagers was that shares of the biotech firm Gilead Sciences, which had announced that it was testing an antiviral drug on Covid patients, would soar. Another was that the S&P 500 index, which had already declined more than 30 percent, would fall further. Mr. Rinsch lost $5.9 million in a matter of weeks."
  6. It is not better that a country has the ability to control its money. That's the problem with fiat and why their money isn't worth anything to begin with. The USD is better than the peso, because it's the world's reserve currency currently which let's the FED get away with a lot and the demand remains. But hopefully people there move to BTC over time because the USD isn't great either and if it loses reserve status (a certainty long term) they will be right back to where they started. Using a worthless currency.
  7. Good thing he's libertarian not right wing. As for the rot, that's what the chainsaw is for.
  8. Yes, he's great. He's a like a mix of Ron Paul's politics (only more so) with Trump's unfiltered way of speaking (only more so). I love it.
  9. This guy looks like the real deal! He even named one of his dogs Rothbard. I’d vote for anyone who was willing to dress up as Captain An-cap in public.
  10. Thanks. Interesting. It looks like it has underperformed the S&P500. https://www.etf.com/etfanalytics/etf-comparison/SPY-vs-YPS
  11. Yes, it wouldn't work if people piled into it in size. And I wouldn't want the bottom 7 weighted that heavily anyway. I wonder if you could skew an almost equal weight ETF toward the bottom a little. Instead of each of the 500 companies being weighted 0.2%, have the bottom 250 being weighted 0.215% and the top 250 weighted at 0.185% or something like that.
  12. I always wondered how an inverse-weighted-SP500 index would do. The smallest companies weighted higher and the larger weighted lower. Give the 500th company the weighting that the 1st is now and the 499th the weighting of the 2nd, etc all the way up with the current 1st company weighted what the 500th is now. You would capture the smaller companies growing and while you would own some of the mega-caps you wouldn't be limited to the law of large numbers. Some of the companies toward the bottom could grow tremendously while there is a limit to how much a $2T company can grow. I suppose you could create this on a spreadsheet and back test it. But I'm not THAT interested.
  13. Watched "What the Doctors Saw" on Paramount+ last night. Good documentary about the Parkland Hospital Doctors who treated JFK in Dallas after the shooting. An interesting part of the story and some tidbits I've never heard. Probably won't change anyone's mind though. In my experience there are the people who will believe the official government narrative regardless of all the eye witness accounts in the world or and other evidence, and then there are the people who already know that the CIA murdered John F. Kennedy.
  14. This is something that has bothered me for years and why for a long time I wouldn't hold FFH (although I do now again). From the very first share of RIM/BB they bought it was so obviously a bad investment and so obviously not for the benefit of FFH that I thought that there must be an ulterior motive (helping a dying local company who hires from a school he likes was my theory). FFH's involvement with BB has never made any sense and it still doesn't. Nothing FFH has done with BB was to the benefit of FFH shareholders and it was always blatantly obvious from the very first share purchased. Now he's loaning them money at 1.75% interest. That can't possibly be for the benefit of FFH shareholders. There is a reason, I'm sure, but not the right one.
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