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  1. here you go: https://archive.ph/OCRFK
  2. Online search with Zillow and Redfin and esigning with Docusign/others have been life changing for me. Yes, there're still too many frictions along the way but it's a major improvement already!
  3. More SWMAY. Maybe Elliott can shake out a quarter or 2 from PMI.
  4. iBonds getting some love from Bloomberg today: There’s a Low-Risk Way for Investors to Earn 9.62% Returns Right Now
  5. Yes, there was a small discussion on this in the Personal Finance section.
  6. @rayfinkle Did you end up choosing something? Anything to share?
  7. Buying something without looking at prices? Doesn't sound like value investor move.
  8. Have fun, be safe, and enjoy the holiday weekend everyone! Cheers!
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