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  1. That's basically the gameplan now... No discount for loyalty!
  2. Kuwait Announces ‘Huge’ Oil and Gas Discovery in Offshore Field
  3. Devon Energy to buy Grayson Mill’s Williston assets for $5 billion
  4. New York City’s Apartment Shortage Is Set to Get Even Worse
  5. Congrats India! https://indianexpress.com/article/sports/cricket/india-vs-south-africa-live-score-t20-world-cup-2024-final-match-55-today-ind-vs-sa-latest-scorecard-updates-9422139/
  6. Baupost Cuts Almost a Fifth of Investing Staff in Record Cull Seth Klarman’s Baupost Group dismissed about 19% of the hedge fund’s investing team in a shakeup of its real estate and equities units — the largest cull in the firm’s 42-year history. The move affected 11 of 59 investing personnel, with the cuts distributed roughly evenly between the two businesses, according to a letter sent to investors Thursday and seen by Bloomberg.
  7. Me either, not my style. Just drawing some attention to it. Though I am planning a trip to Japan .
  8. Anyone long JPY ? 38 yr low vs US$ Who's contrarian?
  9. KKR Makes Its Biggest Foray Into Apartments, Betting on Rising Rents Private-equity firm pays $2.1 billion for more than 5,200 apartment units across the country
  10. Berkshire Hathaway accelerates sales of China's BYD Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway has accelerated its selling of shares in BYD, China's largest seller of electric vehicles. Berkshire reduced its stake in BYD's issued H-shares to 5.99% on June 19, according to a Tuesday filing with the Hong Kong stock exchange. The stake had been 7.02% as recently as June 11. https://di.hkex.com.hk/di/NSAllFormList.aspx?sa2=an&sid=2508&corpn=BYD+Co.+Ltd.++-+H+Shares&sd=26/06/2023&ed=26/06/2024&cid=2&sa1=cl&scsd=26%2f06%2f2023&sced=26%2f06%2f2024&srchCorpName=byd&cn=1&src=MAIN&lang=EN&g_lang=en&
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