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  1. Shetland is superb, great characters. I love those UK crime series. Always great acting. If you like Shetland, check out Endeaver, Vera, and Inspector Lewis. Edit: Also, another good one is Foyle's War Edit: I love the theme music for Endeavor
  2. @Spekulatius I like these all cash risk arbitrage plays. I do it by writing puts when they look attractive like this. The 40-strike, Jan 21 expirations puts were going for $0.60 at the close on Friday. I'll likely write these first thing Tuesday morning. If the Jan 21 puts change dramatically by then I'll be looking at the Feb. 18 expiration puts, which were going for $1.70 at the close on Friday. I like to play these with puts because the time frame is known. Thanks for the heads up.
  3. Keeping with the theme of bands named after Dickens' characters, I had to go back and listen to this. '
  4. Then he'll write a book on trading! Maybe start a trading blog.
  5. Wrote 310-strike, Jan 14 puts hoping to get these shares back!
  6. I found a few photos I took. They have faded, as have I!
  7. I saw Yes in 1979 in the round. They had their rotating stage up in Mackey Area, a basketball arena.
  8. I am a big fan of Led Zeppelin. Page, Jones, and Bonzo were probably as good of musicians as in any band. Maybe even better than The Who with Entwistle, Moon, and Townshend. Page was a very sought after session musician before the Yardbirds, and Jones was a very sought after session musician before Led Zeppelin. If you listen to sixties music from the UK you are often hearing Page and Jones and don't even know it.
  9. I am one baby boomer who doesn't plan on dying this decade!
  10. Daughter flew from LA to Indiana to visit us on Dec 17, tested positive the next day. She had the Moderna vaccine and the Moderna booster. Her symptoms were similar to when she is around dogs, which she is allergic to. My wife and I did not get it. We took the heterologous approach, the Moderna vaccine and then the Pfizer booster.
  11. Wrote some 310-strike Jan 7 expiration covered calls on the BRKB in my IRA. I figure even if I get called out it is hard to imaging BRKB not visiting 310 again. Plus overall I am > 80% BRKB so I can always justify being called out as deworsification!
  12. Neil Young has been my favorite for 50 years. I have listened to Everybody Knows this is Nowhere, After the Gold Rush, and Harvest more than any other albums. I've seen him in concert with Crazy Horse and with CSN&Y.
  13. @Spekulatius Daltry’s voice is gone. He sang Won’t Get Fooled Again too many times! https://youtu.be/NRnstfQGyDc But it was still fun. Townshend can still play the guitar, but he cannot jump anymore. I don’t know if he got both feet off the ground whenever he tried to! I am a huge Who fan, so I don’t know why I am not more familiar with Townshend’s solo work. I am going to give White City a listen. Thanks for the recommendation.
  14. Last song at the last concert I attended. Going was a birthday gift from my daughter,
  15. Do you play the dulcimer? She uses that a lot on the Blue album.
  16. Joni Mitchell is the queen of guitar tunings, https://acousticguitar.com/the-guitar-tuning-odyssey-of-joni-mitchell/ Edit: And Jimmy Page may be the king, https://skippedonshuffle.com/led-zeppelin-guitar-tunings/
  17. That is the one thing the founding fathers missed, term limits. Should be 6 years max in both the house and senate. It should be done as a service to your country not as an occupation.
  18. The kindle version is on sale today for $1.99 https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08CXVM4JB?_bbid=24363752&tag=launchpagesite-20
  19. “It’s not getting any smarter out there. You have to come to terms with stupidity and make it work for you,” Frank Zappa.
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