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What financial website do you use the most?

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this site is used the most.


when quickly looking at stocks i like to use morningstar mostly. their 10year info usually holds true.


the next one is probably seekingalpha, although i feel like the quality has gone down lately.


sometimes i like to look at yahoo finance also. can't really say why. the news they list under stocks and the "key statistics" page are the ones i look at. so 3 others + yahoo is my answer.

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I use gurufocus for the numbers and then yahoo finance for news, management pay and links to sec-files.


That's pretty much what I do as well.  I also use Yahoo Portfolios to track my portfolio value and see current news feed so that I don't have to log into my brokerage account unless I want to make a trade, view statements/history, etc.  The reason I use Yahoo for this is that, for one, I've been using it for a long time and all of my trades since about 2005 or so have been entered into it.  And two, it allows me to track stocks (large & small caps, OTC, BB), options, and warrants, some other online portfolio sites I've looked at only do stocks.    I also have a Yahoo "portfolio" of watchlist stocks that I don't own. This contains hundreds of companies that I find interesting for one reason or another, but that I don't yet own.  For an example of how I use this, a glance at my watchlist this morning what stood out to me right away is that Fiat is up 13% today, then a look at the bottom of the page I saw the headlines that they acquired the rest of Chrysler.


I like Gurufocus for browsing around who's holding what and finding possible ideas, but the only two sites I look at daily without exception are Yahoo Finance and this board.


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How do you all rate Yahoo Finance vs. Google Finance.

Yahoo Finance is better than Google Finance in almost every possible way (putting almost in the sentence because there is sure something Google is better at than Yahoo, although I don't know what it is...)

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For quantitative information, I use the Morningstar members site. It is free through many US libraries and provides 10 years of all financial data and links to all K's and Q's as well as debt listings. I don't pay too much attention to their analyst ratings (star system), but I do usually read the commentary by the analyst.


For qualitative info, I use this site most  8) among a few other value-oriented sites.



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I use Morningstar too, online through Seattle's library though I just noticed that I don't think they cover foreign traded stocks through Seattle's online subscription...have you found any similar restrictions?


I have been able to find foreign listed stocks. Recent example is LRE on the LON. I usually type the company name in and wait for it to populate the choices and then choose the right one. I'd be surprised if the subscriptions differ from one library system to another, but maybe they do. I am happy to look it up for you on the Portland system - just let me know the company name.


Cheers - Paul


Cheers- Paul

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I think BAMSEC is still pretty undiscovered. I love  it.


That's great. Such a simple idea. I hate scrolling through edgar. Thanks.


I like the layout by filing type they do.


CoBF, gurufocus, valuewalk, valueinvestingnews, google finance, cnbc, seeking alpha for their market currents

What do you use gurufocus for mostly?


I know it wasn't directed to me but I like the 10 year financials and ratios all on one page.

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CoBF, gurufocus, valuewalk, valueinvestingnews, google finance, cnbc, seeking alpha for their market currents


I think SA market currents is under-appreciated. I think its a great resource as well.


Can I get a link, which portion is market currents?


Also great suggestions, I switched to Yahoo finance and setup the portfolio syncing option. Now I can track everything in one place.

Also news is now relevant to my portfolio which is more than I can say for google.


Great suggestions.

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