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  1. Yes, overall good but some paragraphs little bit boring, thanks!
  2. Thanks a lot. Does this also work for Google Docs?
  3. Thanks for the color and I agree!
  4. I loved how through the entire book I was thinking: This guy probably did some unethical stuff, and then at the end of the book he's like "i did nothing unethical" :D
  5. How big is their tech short basket? Anyone an idea?
  6. Check out last year's Brazil conference if you haven't already: It has a slightly better looking surprise guest.
  7. "their" seems like a far reach for someone who is 90% of the time doing all the work himself. Steven is one of those guy's whose track record currently does not reflect his true capabilities.
  8. Get it while it's hot: https://www.docdroid.net/nGPzU1Q/baupost-2016-year-end-letter.pdf.html
  9. So finished the book. He sets quite the bar for what one person can achieve in life..
  10. Yes, funny how differing opinions are but I did not get captivated by his way of writing and struggled through the second half of the book. I also expected more business specific developments for the later years of Nike... Most important takeaways for me: - Hustle, hustle, lie lie and make sure you can deliver. - Nike was founded by an average athlete, a retired coach (who almost blew himself up by experimenting with waffle irons), a guy in a wheelchair and a fat guy (who probably needed a wheelchair). - Tiger was one of the first to call after Matthew passed away.
  11. Read almost everything on Kindle & planning to buy paper versions when I'm rich !
  12. 20% in and so far so good, thanks for the recommendation!
  13. Hi all, given the amount of experience & time in the market of this board I was wondering if you guys/girls could share one or two examples of extreme share price movements that have astonished you in the past 15 years. Examples could range from Enron to Valeant.. Very happy to hear your thoughts!! Thanks.
  14. I liked the book, sole comment is that I would have appreciated more focus on the story than on the principles they discovered/wrote about. I am saying that because I already read their work and books and was treating this as a bedtime book which proved difficult at some times.
  15. Check the subreddits at reddit.com, they often offer incredible scuttlebutt research (like the IBM, Walmart, Microsoft subreddits).
  16. Can you elaborate on your research that they have been "ripping off" clients? How do I compare this to client retention ratio's of +98%?
  17. Any idea of the Android equivalent of Overcast??
  18. Despite having a full time analyst allocated to VRX ...
  19. What he forgets to mention is that as a PE owner you are much more in control of what kind of debt (+ triggers, covenants) the company is taking on.. As a public equity holder, not so much.. Full link to the paper: http://poseidon01.ssrn.com/delivery.php?ID=607074089082020070021121093006078100019000031052064056118110008085029064069119123076045022127062105116060076102124005072081071105018000043039099126108110025118004123003044033106020076106020081028097020118098099123120014107004079091017003099074025096001&EXT=pdf
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