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  1. Yes, overall good but some paragraphs little bit boring, thanks!
  2. Thanks a lot. Does this also work for Google Docs?
  3. Thanks for the color and I agree!
  4. I loved how through the entire book I was thinking: This guy probably did some unethical stuff, and then at the end of the book he's like "i did nothing unethical" :D
  5. How big is their tech short basket? Anyone an idea?
  6. Check out last year's Brazil conference if you haven't already: It has a slightly better looking surprise guest.
  7. "their" seems like a far reach for someone who is 90% of the time doing all the work himself. Steven is one of those guy's whose track record currently does not reflect his true capabilities.
  8. Get it while it's hot: https://www.docdroid.net/nGPzU1Q/baupost-2016-year-end-letter.pdf.html
  9. So finished the book. He sets quite the bar for what one person can achieve in life..
  10. Yes, funny how differing opinions are but I did not get captivated by his way of writing and struggled through the second half of the book. I also expected more business specific developments for the later years of Nike... Most important takeaways for me: - Hustle, hustle, lie lie and make sure you can deliver. - Nike was founded by an average athlete, a retired coach (who almost blew himself up by experimenting with waffle irons), a guy in a wheelchair and a fat guy (who probably needed a wheelchair). - Tiger was one of the first to call after Matthew passed away.
  11. Read almost everything on Kindle & planning to buy paper versions when I'm rich !
  12. 20% in and so far so good, thanks for the recommendation!
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