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  1. BRK at close to BV is good enough for me! ( rather be roughly right than precisely wrong ) Railroad values holding up nicely ( see Union Pacific stock ) Apple on fire tons of dry powder Adding today very aggressively have a great day!
  2. Vivendi SOTP indicates this is 50% + undervalued UMG alone is worth $33B & total market cap is currently $24B Ticker: VIVHY Anyone else looked at this lately? It seems crazy https://variety.com/2020/music/global/vivendi-closes-sale-of-10-of-umg-to-tencent-led-consortium-1203549838/ https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2020-04-20/vivendi-sales-gain-as-justin-bieber-helps-offset-hit-to-ad-unit
  3. VIVHY catalyst within 6 months ( sale of 50% of UMG) UMG worth $23 billion-$35 billion Vivendi current market cap about $30 B Mr market is asleep on this one!
  4. OFG Bancorp - OFG trading at 50% of TBV leading NIM conservative mgmt & balance sheet
  5. OFG Bancorp- ( OFG)- Buying aggressively! half of tangible book value buybacks in Q1 Possible acquisition candidate by BPOP HAPPY NEW YEAR!
  6. Anyone know Arlington Value's fee structure?
  7. Race, Just curious, why don't you have any other choice than IB?
  8. What does it cost annually to maintain an OTC public listing? Trying to figure out at what market cap does it simply become uneconomical to maintain. What other costs are incurred as a listed microcap company? Thanks!
  9. I'm up to my eyeballs in CHINA MOBILE ( CHL) It gets cheaper every day! ::)
  10. uh, Holy $shit. SKYAY just got acquired by Fox #timestamp Better luck than good
  11. Vivendi- VIVHY owns Universal Music Group ( controlled by Bollore) SKYAY- Sky Plc Pay TV/ Quad Play (controlled by Rupert Murdoch. FOX)
  12. China Mobile ( CHL) Silly cheap and growing dominant biz
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