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The Big Short, the movie


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Michael Burry. From Aspergers to movie star. What a dude. Yall know he got his start just posting messages...kinda like some of the guys on this forum.


This is the type of guy that got picked on in HS, now hes eatin everyone's lunch. I bet he never thought there would be a move about him.



"I shorted mortgages because I had to. Every bit of logic I had led me to this trade and I had to do it"


"Natural state" as an outsider who "just likes to find my own ideas", saying, "no matter what group I'm in or where I am, I've always felt like I'm outside the group, and I've always been analyzing the group"


What a great story.

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What a cast! Looking forward to it.


Can someone compile a list of who plays show?


I first want to know who plays Michael Burry... he is probably the most interesting story in book.


Christian Bale.




So, if you guys had to choose: get as much money as Mike or look as Christian, what would you choose?




eh, wrong forum.  ;D

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Am I the only one who thinks this looks kind of dull and hokey?


Nope. While I like the cast, I'm less than enthusiastic about their ability to inject drama into something that is usually boring for most people and/or difficult to portray on camera.


Well, of course I cannot say how good this movie is going to be… But the trailer is so funny and the cast is so great I am going to watch the movie the very first day it hits the cinemas! ;)






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Oh man...a film about my hero Dr. Mike Burry - can't wait!!


It must be pretty surreal to be Dr. Burry in the last 15 years....leave medicine, start a hedge fund, bet against the big boys, win big, get famous, get a book written, get a movie made...all because of his tendency to "think independently." Even more surreal is the fact that he is very shy, awkward and wants the furthest thing from publicity.


I know films need the guns, hot girls, fast cars to appeal to a wider audience but I hope it actually shows that Dr. Burry and the other shorts went through during late 2005-early 2007 when the outside investors began questioning Burry, threatened to pull money out, made Dr. Burry physically sick.


Also, does anyone know if Jeff Greene will be depicted in the film? He'd probably make a great and entertaining character for the film given his tendency to live large...plus he loves publicity.

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