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  1. What are you referring to? Is there an article you want to share?
  2. I loved the book. It is one of my favorites. I haven't read research papers arguing the opposite points to Diamond, but I'm sure he wasn't correct on every little thing. I'm reading 1491 and and am enjoying it. 1493 is on my list too.
  3. This second or third time Schultz has come back to revitalize Starbucks right? It's not a particularly good sign that things deteriorate when he's gone. Something is working properly if it can't survive without him. It's such a huge company and they should have a solid roster of managers and executives to keep everything going without him.
  4. From the way you describe it in the beginning, it sounds like they aren't breaking laws, just being quite slimy. I'm not a legal expert at all though. The second half certainly sounds like it's not legal. Using family members/front people to run the companies. I don't know. Maybe it's legal. As you say it sounds like regulators should be involved. I hope more people chime in so I can learn more!
  5. Not specifically, but just a general interest in science. I like learning about all kinds of different things. : ) it’s really incredible how many different things there are to learn and just how little I know!
  6. Do you have the link the to the Druckenmiller interview?
  7. This book finally arrived today. It was a fast, but good read. Tons of real advice in there. I'd strongly suggest anyone interested in business read it!
  8. Hi @rb. Just out of curiosity, what did you find interesting about this company? I did a quick glance at the financials and it looks like a very difficult business. I assume you know more about it than me, and the stock did nearly double since your first post. It is also up to $20.00 from $0.90 in 2009.
  9. Those tenants won the lottery getting that building. Keeping it in running condition will be hard if they can't even afford appetizers as @aws said. I'm sure their tune will change when the non-paying residents continue not to pay and the expenses must come from the pockets of the responsible ones. It will be interesting to see a follow up story in a few years. So many people are being priced out of the real estate markets, but really they just don't want to live in cheaper areas. There are huge parts of the US where you can get a decent house for cheap. 25k-250k. So many options, but they want to live the city life for free.
  10. Looks interesting. Thanks for the review. I just ordered it.
  11. I’ve been watching this too! Much better than I thought it’d be!
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