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  1. https://holocaust.com.au/the-facts/the-outbreak-of-world-war-ii-and-the-war-against-the-jews/what-the-allies-knew/ As early as May 1942, and again in June, the BBC reported the mass murder of Polish Jews by the Nazis. Although both US President, Franklin Roosevelt, and British Prime Minister, Winston Churchill, warned the Germans that they would be held to account after the war, privately they agreed to prioritise and to turn their attention and efforts to winning the war. Therefore, all pleas to the Allies to destroy the death camp at Auschwitz-Birkenau were ignored. The Allies argued that not only would such an operation shift the focus away from winning the war, but it could provoke even worse treatment of the Jews. In June 1944 the Americans had aerial photographs of the Auschwitz complex. The Allies bombed a nearby factory in August, but the gas chambers, crematoria and train tracks used to transport Jewish civilians to their deaths were not targeted.
  2. Bill Maher said something like: Hamas will wipe out Israel but can't. Israel can wipe out Palestine but won't. It's a war and full of shitty choices and collateral damage, especially against an enemy that uses human shields. Allied forces also killed a lot of civilians fighting Hitler. Maybe by today's standards that would be a genocide and war crime too? The US and Israel have both done some real questionable shit over the last 50 years. But if you had to pick teams and it's USA or Taliban or Israel or Hamas, the choice is pretty obvious..
  3. Hamas: I want X Israel: I want Y Hamas: Ok, I accept X Media: Hamas accepts ceasefire. LOL
  4. This is why mainstream media has lost all its credibility. They just accept whatever is said and pass it on as “news” as long as it fulfils their narrative.
  5. I think CNBC said Jane Fraser was at the Berkshire AGM..
  6. Nominal GDP was up 4.8% annualized. Seems kind of high for a rate cut. Also unemployment is only 3.8%.
  7. Core PCE +3.7% but only +1.6% GDP? Just a quarter but are we seeing potential stagflation?
  8. Wow. Is it really a hedge if the opportunity cost is 90%? 11k actual vs 100k “unhedged”. -50% over 20 years doesn’t sound like a hedge. Also this is a mutual fund not a hedge fund.. Pretty crazy that he can do this.
  9. Kyoto’s amazing, my favourite place to visit in the world. If you’re into food, try to find a kaiseki restaurant in Kyoto. It’s a real experience and Kyoto takes it to the next level. You might need to have your hotel book since most are reservations only. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kaiseki Renting a kimono for a day is kind of fun given the historical backdrop. All the Japanese gardens are incredible. The Philosopher’s Walk is a nice less touristy area to go for a walk. There’s an incredible robata (梨門邸) that we accidentally wandered into for lunch that I still reminisce about. https://www.japan-guide.com/e/e3906.html
  10. +1 Yes. Why was it deleted?
  11. The fundamentals still show declining inventories. However, production has increased in the US - nearly 13mmbpd.
  12. I think yes and no. There's different ways of winning. Fighting proxy wars is not that effective. The US lost the proxy war in Vietnam but won the Cold War. I think the US won because they demonstrated that a capitalist-democratic society provided a better quality of life than a socialist-command society. I think to win long-term, your society needs to excel in freedom, education, safety, healthcare, infrastructure, cost of living, technology, business opportunities. Over the last two decades, we have not invested enough in these areas and other places are catching up or surpassing us.
  13. $100B more to maintain current stalemate.. "Milley says: there will be no military victory."
  14. Three major Canadian banks have disclosed that about 20 per cent of their residential mortgage borrowers – representing nearly $130-billion in loans – are seeing their balances grow as their monthly payments no longer cover all the interest they owe. https://www.theglobeandmail.com/business/article-mortgage-borrowers-td-bmo-cibc-homeowners/
  15. Was peace possible if NATO agreed to stop its expansion?
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