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  1. I have written about this before and I still think it will do well in 2020. It is Hill International- HIL. You can check out the thread here where I posted a write-up. https://www.cornerofberkshireandfairfax.ca/forum/investment-ideas/hil-hill-international/
  2. I think he needs some outside help and I am sure there will be many people who would like to work for him.
  3. hillfrontier83 - There was rumor of an offer of $5 billion for the Knicks.
  4. If anyone going to the Fairfax India AGM. Can anyone ask about why U.S. investors can't buy either the OTC or Canadian shares? When will it be fixed.
  5. Jurgis- Right now, you can't buy FFXDF if you reside in the United States. However, you can buy FIH.U . You have to open an extra account with Fidelity.
  6. Parsad, is there a possibility you can talk with Fairfax for getting current with the SEC so U.S. shareholders can buy ffxdf again? or if anyone is going to the annual meeting, Can someone bring it up?
  7. Rohitc99- This is the same problem I have been experiencing. Supposedly Fairfax India needs to file statements with a U.S. authority in order to be current.
  8. Hinkie died for this! http://www.espn.com/nba/standings
  9. The threads get longer probably while or after the stock tanks. So the longer-the-thread-worse-the-performance statistics, if used to predict the future performance of the stock, may be incorrect. Not necessarily, from my experience. Because no one really posts how much they are down on their position, or talk about the negative news. It is mostly about catalyst talk.
  10. I think they only allow a certain number of users in and VIC hasn't increased membership which is a shame.
  11. I don't think he sold it. I checked his LinkedIn. He still says he is the CEO.
  12. Ask about how they judge their own performance, especially over what time frame? If I don't mind asking where do you find start-up hedge funds?
  13. Yeah, I noticed he was sad but I don't think on the verge of crying. I think he feeling what other value investors are feeling that there aren't many opportunities today and the markets are changing.
  14. Sergio8 - Obviously there is value in Japan. Do you know the reason why the stocks haven't been bid up is due to the population not interested anymore? Is it due that the elderly Japanese citizens don't want to take the risk?
  15. Rukawa- Stockrow.com is close. The owner posted on here. kmukul- There is finviz.com, Gurufocus, stockrow.com, and Morningstar.
  16. For #3 what is the number you are calculating? i.e. 190-200
  17. The first question is good. But the last two, that would be annoying.
  18. The articles I saw said that this person had 10+ years experience in industry in security field. Apparently this person indeed had a history of working in cyber security. HOWEVER, how does one go from a background in music composition straight into cyber security, and relatively high level positions at that? I guess it didn't work out none too good...as the results show. Why was this person allowed to retire? How come no C-level executives get FIRED? (or relatively few)? Why is the CEO not fired? Finally, if this CIO is eminently qualified, why the coverups & scrubs of the situation? 1. Well, the field was relatively new and if you have the will to learn and you are competent. Then you can get a job. Right now, Cybersecurity is in high demand. 2. Save face, but then again look at former SoFi CEO even though he resigned the negative articles will hurt reputation in the long run. 3. Don't know 4. I think this happens all the time with any scandal. Ideally, you want to tell the truth but it is always the fear of backlash at a larger scale (PR nightmare etc.....) and that a person might lose their job anyway. So why not fix the situation. I think there needs to be a mechanism in place where you can tell the truth without the backlash.
  19. I am really surprised he got out of the Insurance business. I guess the float isn't as sweet as he thought it would be.
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