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  1. How long does an ACH take? Why do trades still take multiple days to settle? Why do banks still take in some cases DAYS! to clear a check? Ever dug into the uselessness of the margins dept at financial institution? Why do wires take hours to even days? What, now? because they've finally bothered to provide us with the "instant transfer" and charge us 1% for it shit is solved? Chosing to look at the issue like you are above is being deliberately ignorant. I'm not really a huge believer in crypto. As I detailed here, in real time, I saw a trade I thought was outrageously easy and did
  2. Anyone else looking forward to this? May touch on a lot of hot topic subjects from the past year or so. Particularly, why experts often dont know what theyre talking about.
  3. There's not much left on deal announcements it seems...at least right now. LSAQ I had for a while was able to get out of on a deal announcement the other day at 10.70 which was somewhat underwhelming. But even that was snuffed out and now its barely above $10. But its still just placeholder stuff and if replacing cash, a better alternative and if margined at an optimal borrow rate a free call basically. Check out the Baupost and Third Point portfolios. Spac'd to the gills. Those guys are definitely getting IPOs, but now everyone can get them at $10 or less. If you can leverage it or dont have
  4. https://nypost.com/2021/05/15/florida-records-quantify-number-of-defections-from-ny/ Dont fight momentum.
  5. These are all pretty great businesses, or at least to this point in time, have been. I have investors who were Arthur Andersen Consulting(current day Accenture) and man, you want to talk about a compounder, Accenture is a total beast. Totally changed their lives owning those shares pre IPO; granted being an ACN partner means you're making like $700k a year minimum...but many of those dudes ended up with 7/8/9 figure fortunes. My understanding now is that growth is declining(almost negative in many areas) and also there's some cultural stuff as the older guys dont really carry their weight anym
  6. Haha yea well the preferred ultimately cost me having a 7s cost basis on a meaningful position vs 9s. Like I said earlier, took me a good few weeks, maybe more, to really kind of get into it enough to figure out a comfort level of how things are likely to play out with them in different scenarios. Ultimately, the crazy monetary policies have pushed everyone out the risk curve and MF is basically the new institutional T-bill. I see no scenario where any real estate does well where MF doesnt. I see no scenario where Sun Belt doesnt outperform coastal(some stocks may, but in terms of fundam
  7. Its just another data point to consider. Its probably never wise to "pick sides" when investing. I generally prefer to go with the side thats going to make money, regardless of who's on that side. As some have pointed out, Munger endorsed Tesco. I also forget exactly what it was, but Im pretty sure he had an opinion on Bitcoin 10-20 bags ago too.
  8. Eh 50% from its highs...still puts it at about +12% for the year. Plenty of people cant even do that yet they'll dance home calling it a "crash"!
  9. Eh at 9.90 you get $10 worst case. But you get some free optionality while they run the hype machine. Wouldn't be shocked if everyone's favorite female fund manager starts pumping this too. Its probably not going to go to $15, and if it does Ill long be out before then. But these can and do sometimes rip on favorable coverage. 10.20-10.60 would probably be the target dump zone. If you can do that, or simply recycle a few fluctuations, its better than nothing. The other benefit is its a place holder with upside. If another idea comes along its totally dumpable. Cash is just total garbage so 1-5
  10. Looks like Dan Loeb dumped this. I have significantly more faith in what guys like Loeb, Tepper, Ackman, etc are doing then the guys everyone worships around here(Watsa, Pabrai. Spier, etc).... I could see Tepper going big on BABA. But Loeb is straight money so its if nothing else, an interesting move.
  11. I love that space, but Ginkgo is not worth anywhere near $17B. I think their recent funding rounds were somewhere around $3-5B. Maybe if we're marking to market where all that stuff traded publicly in December/January you get to a number like that, but not now. That said, I bought some of this. Its a real nice setup. Ginkgo is one of the premier names in that space and could easily jump off the 9.9 floor if theres a sentiment reversal. A lot can change in 4-5 months.
  12. If you like something and are passionate about it, it will come to you on its own through curiosity and exploration. There's definitely WAYYYY more value in $300 worth of classic finance/stock market books out there, ranging from Reminisces of a Stock Operator, to Market Wizards, and everything in between. Most can be had for under $20. If you arent passionate about it, dont waste your time and money. In terms of a style of investing, well...just my opinion, but everyone needs to find their own, and then let it evolve with the market. Trying to mimic someone else will leave you chasing y
  13. I'll just say this in an attempt to be helpful and perhaps save you headache down the line...but...if you "bought into a business" you already made a major mistake. There are businesses, and then there are asset plays. Seritage as a business doesnt work and is in any matter of expression, an utter failure as a business. It has never made profits and its NEOs have been failures who ultimately left or gave up. The only basis for an investment here, is as an asset play...not as a business. But even there, you can easily find similar situations at other companies which offer better profiles.
  14. Yea...dont hold your breath. Its not really a secret Gates was said to be a sex maniac and that many firms, like the prestigious NY Times, purposely buried it. I'd definitely wager its the tip of the iceberg. Dont know if we'll ever get to see the iceberg, nor do I think anything comes of it for BRK...but the world we see is rarely the world that is.
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