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  1. Just wait and see. Learn from our Canadian friends. You're just trying to buy yourself a home. Thats basically where everyone is at right now. Wait til everyone and their mother owns 5 condos! Its one of the surest things Ive ever seen in my life. Famous last words, I know. But everything is lined up, from wealth inequality, to yield desperation and insurance companies. The little guy is gonna start seeing wage increases and thats going to set off the powder keg.
  2. This guy is a fool if he thinks we're in a housing bubble in the US...You currently have a generation of "never buy" now wanting to buy. Decade in the making supply constraint after a once in a generation economic reset. Whats the average credit score of people getting mortgages today? How many people do you know with multiple speculative housing projects/investments? Because the heavy majority of the folks Ive heard from are simply dying to get into THEIR OWN primary residence and cant. The 2005 bubble was on the back of 6% mortgages. Today we are at 3%. There's going to be a massive runway f
  3. http://archive.fast-edgar.com/20210413/AC22N22CZC228JK2222A2Z42MOPCIC22N232/ Full steam ahead. Nice news on the reimbursements.
  4. Small starters in BOMN and Z. The latter of which I finally decided to make the shift from psychologically being a bear and disliking many of the traditional metrics...and realizing that 1) its been a great investment over the years, and 2) if my housing thesis plays out this will be a gloriously good investment. Will see how it goes.
  5. No issue with ads, as long as they arent jammed inside a post like what was happening before. I dont want to deal with reading a flow through idea and then having my train of thought disrupted by some stupid add, then scroll down, and continue the same idea. But outside of this, I dont think its an issue and also realize its probably necessary to keep the lights on and am all for it. Would be easier if it could be a user choice. I would pay not to see any. But you force everyone to take that option, you'll kill the site and user base.
  6. This was a good few years ago but NUAN was basically one of those companies that was always supposed to "turning the corner" and about to have these major breakthroughs...yet never did. There was IIRC several activists that got involved over the years. Several failed sale attempts. Management was pretty underwhelming. All of this despite kind of being in a decent spot as far as their products went. I dont doubt for one second that these assets/business could be significantly more valuable in the hands of MSFT than in its current state. Kind off funny though to think that MSFT paid $25B or what
  7. MSFT is counting to turn into what is basically a super high quality tech ETF. Love it, although never really a huge fan of Nuance.
  8. This is basically a regurgitation of the classic MSM favorite headline of "he doubted the virus, AND THEN IT GOT HIM!" that we've seen a million times over the past year. However its void of the basic fact that the numbers are the numbers and while young people can get it and die, it is extremely unlikely. There will be casualties, but its no reason, at least in the land of the free, to take control over everyone's lives, and punish or vilify anyone who disagrees. Theres' plenty of gyms and owners, such as the one in NJ Murphy has levied over $1m USD in fines against, who are fine and just wan
  9. Well, market seems to view this as a positive. Settlements/fines=alpha.
  10. I can literally make up a reason for doing anything and claim I'm trying to save lives. Believe me, I heard non stop here in NJ from Phil Murphy over the past year about how we're "saving lives"...except, they weren't. NJ leads the entire USA in death rate. There is more excuse for error in the beginning. But once there was a handle on the subject, it's entirely inexcusable to keep doing things that so horrifically infringe upon peoples rights. Maybe in other countries...but not in America. Let alone continuing to lie to people and use slogans like "saving lives" that have zero proof or substa
  11. Good article on "the science"... https://zeynep.substack.com/p/the-gaslighting-of-science In regards to your point, Richard, you can compare to the US vs Canada deaths and draw conclusions. I am sure they are there. But I dont know if we get to the root of the issue entirely. The leading states by death rate are NY, NJ, MA...Ones that stole peoples rights, talked about "saving lives" and then led the country is deaths....So the approach can obviously not be viewed as a "success". For all the talk about density, which is valid, especially with airborne transmission, you have things sw
  12. ^Exactly. So in pretty much any scenario(or less emphatically, most highly probable scenarios) real estate, especially of the residential variety....wins. That said, come on down to the US. Our housing bubble 2.0 party is just getting started, and should run for a good decade or two from here.
  13. I am not referring to Cigarbutt but I think the general gist of your comment alludes to a major issue that has largely been scrubbed and/or ignored. How badly the experts, the scientists, and the doctors have gotten this. How much they have undermined the very system of healthcare, medicine, and science. Repeatedly, from the get go, they've made outrageous predications. They've repeatedly jumped up on the podiums they've been given to spew viewpoints and narratives that have been unsubstantiated and downright wrong. Yet, they've continuously been given passes for this. The greatest examp
  14. $1.5B for the lowly Timberwolves. $100M over the Forbes valuation.
  15. https://www.yahoo.com/news/michigans-virus-cases-control-putting-152045172.html Interesting. Michigan, one of the most egregious states as far as draconian measures are concerned; is a total disaster. Yet, unlike last year, she's not locking things down. Hmmmm. Whatever could be at play here? Meanwhile, Arizona.....
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