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  1. these ones ? from Wealthtrack. he talks a bit about Toll Brothers and the whole segment. Pretty good one.
  2. Xerxes


    This podcast series has a host of ideas and discussions centered around companies from the Indian subcontinent https://podcasts.apple.com/ca/podcast/return-on-india/id1656216815
  3. I am not expert on the topic. but you probably need to look at how fast things are happening now (over couple hundred years) vs. historical hot and cold phases (which I am guessing happens over millennia ?)
  4. These are all wishful thinking, right ? $140B of the cash pile is NOT get used up, no matter how amazing Chubb might be. That said nothing wrong with a large non-controlling stake.
  5. Donald wants to bring Bitcoin manufacturing back in the U.S. !!
  6. Thanks. This looks great. I reposted it on Pershing thread.
  7. I thought this was a fantastic podcast covering the Burger King, QSR, Tim's saga with folks at 3G Capital. Worth listening to. Also posted on QSR thread.
  8. The problem with Boeing is not its CEO ability to get technical or not. The previous Boeing CEO was technical and rose from the engineering rank and didn’t have a drop of GE blood. The issue is that Seattle and Charleston are in the aerospace design and manufacturing business whereas Calhoun’s Virginia-based “Supreme” headquarters is the “capital allocation” business.
  9. Amazing ValueArb i am glad you are getting to where you want to be
  10. Sir You are so close to the White Mountains. That is such a blessing.
  11. Dan Yergin wrote this amazing book called the “The commanding heights”. it goes over each of the Asian economic power. It has been 13 years since I read it. Needs to be reread I think.
  12. Broadly speaking I am not pushing back on any of this. you give an example of being conscripted to serve in Russia, the flip side is the person could be born as an enterprising lad in Russia and who in their 30s lived in Russia in the 1990s, or in Singapore in the 60s, Japan in the 70s. Not all sons of Russia serve. Sometimes you are born at the right time opportunities are everywhere. Whether one is there at the right time and age, is a different matter. but what West offers is a framework for a structured approach (works really well for families). For those seeking unstructured approach they better off elsewhere.
  13. Pre-Covid I was commuting 4 hours per day. Driving to train station, then train, then metro and then bus. And doing the same in reverse in the evening. I used the time to read. But after the workday, I could not do anything else as I was too tired when I transited back home. I refused to move however until a blackswan “world event” brought work to my home. WFH during Covid and now hybrid. lots of flexibility now. Wrong lesson learned: stubbornness pays off
  14. In the short term democracy will always have its fits and starts, but in the long run it always pay off. my brainwashed simplistic Western view
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