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Companies buying back stock NOW


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Just making a list of companies buying back stock or executives buying shares in the last couple of weeks, only. 


Starbucks:  Announced they would buy in 141 M shares.  Unknown on their activity.


Whitecap Resources: cut dividend by 50%. Executives buying shares.  Company was retiring shares up until a couple of weeks ago.  Company may have stopped. Expect CEO etc. To keep buying.


BPY:  Brian Kingston bought 1.4 million $ of shares this week.  Company buying shares still.  AFAIK.  Don’t know if BAM is buying BPY shares.





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Robin Raina over at Ebix has been buying shares and issuing press releases noting they are not aware of anything specific going wrong with their company (other than market related COVID fears).  I traded it a bit today, apparently selling out way too early - as it is currently up 66% on the day.  Just remarkable volatility lately.  I bought at 9.15 and 9.19 this morning.  Sold out before this, but currently sitting at 14.50.  Bonkers

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Insiders Who Bought The Crash, What It Means For Returns, And My Favorite Pick https://seekingalpha.com/article/4334515?source=ansh $ABBV, $ACAD, $AGN, $ALXN, $AMH, $AMH.PD, $AMH.PE, $AMH.PF, $AMH.PG, $AMH.PH, $AXP, $DELL, $ET, $HD, $JNJ, $KALA, $KOD, $MA, $MCD, $MHK, $NEE, $PYPL, $SIX, $SPY, $TDG, $V, $VZ, $WFC, $WFC.PL, $WFC.PN, $WFC.PO, $WFC.PP, $WFC.PQ, $WFC.PR, $WFC.PT, $WFC.PV, $WFC.PW, $WFC.PX, $WFC.PY, $WFCNP, $XOM, $CVX

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