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  1. That thread is the last one I would say that I really focused my efforts on. Since that time, I sort of checked out of investing actively for maybe 5 years and trying to get back into it... I just haven't had the passion I once did and it has been refocused to other areas of my life.
  2. Natural gas!! OMG!!! I can feel the sea levels rising as I read those words. SMUD (in Sacramento) is giving away $3,500 HVAC rebates to households who install variable speed heat pumps to replace their natural gas systems: https://www.smud.org/en/Rebates-and-Savings-Tips/Rebates-for-My-Home/Heating-and-Cooling-Rebates California moves to ban natural gas furnaces and heaters by 2030: https://www.latimes.com/business/story/2022-09-23/california-moves-to-ban-natural-gas-furnaces-and-heaters-by-2030
  3. https://www.walmart.com/ip/Blueek-Plush-Dog-Toys-Large-Aggressive-Chewers-Interactive-Squeaky-Tough-Toy-Gifts-Small-Medium-Birthday-Durable-Stuffed-Teething-Chew-Breed/1187615337
  4. It has been reported that covid can damage organs. Maybe later on you die from this damage (the straw that broke the camel's back) but it isn't linked back to covid.
  5. We have model RH22H9010SR, also purchased around 2013 and it doesn't do that. But we own one with the same problem as yours and we left that behind when we moved recently.
  6. Today I paid $48 for a $1,499 Samsung Bespoke counter-depth refrigerator at Home Depot. It was part of my 6 appliance order, and the bundle discount for 6 or more Samsung appliances is $750. If you only buy 5 Samsung appliances the bundle discount is $500. So I was given an additional discount of $250 for appliance #6. In addition, I got $500 off for purchasing a Bespoke refrigerator as part of the bundle. The one I purchased was on sale for $798, reduced from $1,499. $798 - $500 - $250 = $48. And delivery+install is free too.
  7. Shelter is an interesting one because there is an undersupply of it and higher interest rates add to the cost of new units. That should necessitate higher rents.
  8. You just let crabgrass take over and cut it short and from a distance nobody can tell.
  9. my guess is MSGE continues to drop at 2x the market rate and bottoms around $27-$30. Just because.
  10. That's funny when you think of something like MSGE which has been beaten to shit lately despite being nowhere close to peak margins from the pandemic -- actually, it has been the reverse of peak earnings because of the pandemic.
  11. Because it never fails to drive the market down by way more than reasonable.
  12. The average price of a 6 pack was $5.58 in 1991. Pretty amazing how gasoline is about 4x higher today, but beer is only 35% higher.
  13. With all this talk of high grocery bills. Chicken drumsticks can be had for $1.19 a pound. That's not much at the end of the day. https://www.walmart.com/ip/Freshness-Guaranteed-Fresh-Chicken-Drumsticks-5-lb/613823324?fulfillmentIntent=Pickup&athbdg=L1600
  14. The trouble is that small homes aren't even allowed in most towns. In most areas you aren't allowed to build a one bedroom 400 sqft home. It's bizarre. I mean, there's all this public hand wringing about housing affordability but then there are rules literally requiring your home to be larger than you need and therefore less affordable.
  15. Same with scanning and bagging our own groceries. The cpi does not impute the wage for doing your own work.
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