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Youngest Value Investor in the Parsad Clan!


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Some of you know my brother Aman, who I raised from when he was nine years old after our father died.  Well, he and his wife Amrita, had their first child yesterday.  I'd like the board to welcome my nephew, Aikum, the youngest value investor in our family! 


He'll be the guest of honor at our Fairfax Financial dinner next year.  The picture below is Aman and Aikum shortly after he was born.  Cheers!


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Congrats man!



I had my first nephew last year. I started up a 529 college saving plan for him (like Roth IRA for college in the US). I plan on contributing to that instead of buying him toys usually. He may hate me for like 18 years...but hopefully will be happy when he's 18 or so. :P

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