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  1. Pain index = 0 I am up 6% YTD. I had a couple of big wins in RFP and ATCO and started to roll those gains into BAM. I have ~10% of my portfolio left in ATCO so lots of dry powder to put to work.
  2. Finally sold some ATCO stock in my registered account and purchased more BAM.
  3. I also added to BAM today as well. There is a point I will be forced to double my position and with the price dropping that point is getting closer day by day. I wish ATCO would trade near its offer price so I can swap out of atco into BAM!!!
  4. Added to my positions in FFH, BAM and C.
  5. https://ca.finance.yahoo.com/news/fairfax-announces-pricing-senior-notes-220600581.html The offering will be used to repurchase a portion of the 21% of Allied which OMERS owns and the remainder is for general corporate purposes. We are also getting a pretty decent rate (5.625) for notes going out to 2032. —- correction: Fairfax owns 70.9% so it was to repurchase the remaining 29.1%
  6. More baba shares to bring down my cost basis.
  7. I bet they unwind the TRS so 1.4M shares @ $344.45 How beautiful would that be with the stock trading at $537.61?
  8. Where do you have vacation homes? No vacation homes Where are your repeat vacation spots? Cancun, Mexico What are must see places? Peru - In Dec I climbed Mount Salkantay (5000m) and then did the hike to Machu Peechu. It was incredible and I highly recommend this trip to anyone and everyone. What is your next adventure? Thailand / Vietnam in Dec
  9. I rolled some of my gains from RFP into ATCO.
  10. Look... (As Bruce Flatt says before every statement) 1. Significant amount of capital waiting to be deployed. The current market environment provides management an opportunity to take advantage of market dislocation. Here is one large acquisition they just announced today: https://www.reuters.com/business/deutsche-telekom-announces-175-bln-euro-sale-tower-business-2022-07-14/ 2. Uses 25-30% of it's own capital to invest alongside clients to ensure interests are aligned. This gives me some comfort they will be cautious to not overpay for acquisitions 3. Real estate: High quality spaces are highly sought after and rents are up ~30% pre-pandemic 4. Superstar management team with a goal to compound at 20% going forward 5. Macro view on inflation: When there is inflation, revenue increase greater than expenses and more drops to the bottom line and over time it compounds. Inflation is very positive for real assets. I can keep on going but BAM is a undervalued high quality company who owns core backbone infrastructure which can compound at high rates for decades. Its my favourite type of business to own. btw: I just added to my position earlier in the morning.
  11. Bought a starter position in BAM with the proceeds from RFP.
  12. RFP, value was realized and now on to the next investment.
  13. Did you copy my portfolio or did I copy you? hahaha... congrats
  14. A bit more RFP, its now a full position around ~6% of my portfolio.
  15. A bit more RFP, it is now a full position.
  16. Bought more RFP, it's close to a 5% position.
  17. Interview with Prem and Kamesh. -India has 100 unicorns this year -looking to double marketshare in the next 10 years to get their insurance penetration to 5 percent -insurance industry in India is growing 12-15% over the next 2-3 years -Prem thinks the sell-off in the market could have a lot more to go
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