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  1. Of Permanent Value by Andrew Kilpatrick Everything and more you ever wanted to know about Warren Buffett and Berkshire. :)
  2. It is in the pdf http://www.valuewalk.com/2015/11/berkshire-hathaway-50th-anniversary-symposium/?all=1 :)
  3. They usually overstate free FCF. Unless they give you their numbers, you will not be able to recreate. ???
  4. Here is one: Walt's Revolution!: By the Numbers
  5. Bring back Ballmer! I second that! I am thrilled he finally got his well deserved retirement! ;)
  6. I liked them, there is no downside in getting the illuminated edition. ;)
  7. It's bizarre. I've been wondering myself for years why Google Finance didn't just zoom past Yahoo! like it did everything else. I always wondered the same thing. Now I'm wondering why Yahoo would remove the one feature that differentiated it from all of its competitors and made it useful. Bizarre indeed. I don't get it. Why would a company try to upset their remaining customers? Don't think it will save them money. ??? +1
  8. I thought Shannon's returns were all due to large Teledyne holding.
  9. I think Wintergreen is a Wealthtrack sponsor.
  10. A billion here, a billion there, and soon you will be talking real money ... ;)
  11. Don't know the specifics here but thought it was a regular spinoff on Form 10. Stub changes name to Tegna, spinoff becomes Gannett.
  12. In general, when an issue splits, your call option will be a call on the basket of the stub and the spinoff, just like it was before the spinoff. Only there is a little bit more math involved in adding the stub and the spinoff in the right proportion. You will probably find examples on the web. Here is Packer's nice explanation from 'Re: Call Options - Post Spinoff'
  13. Thank you very much for sharing! :)
  14. +1 Relative value can be relatively absolutely dangerous. ;)
  15. He didn't quite answer this about equity markets, but he addressed this in terms of bond markets. He stated that in the history of the bond markets from 1850s or so, there hadn't been a serious crash of any sort in the bond markets -- nothing on the level of equity markets. The worst dip he could find was a blip during 1982 when Volcker hiked up interest rates severely to break the back of inflation -- and even then bonds dropped 12%. Shiller thinks that Yellen is unlikely to do more damage than Volcker. Thank you merkhet! :)
  16. Is it inevitable that we will have another bust or could things just slow down and self correct without a major bubble top and bust bottom? ;)
  17. The book is just very long. Some interesting thoughts, but might get message across better if it was only one third as long. Agree, the Puts seem expensive, especially considering that they do not protect against slower downward trends. I do not think that this is what he does at Universa. Remember, Taleb worked as an option trader for years. ;)
  18. Mr. Bs link in plain text http://www.valuewalk.com/2015/04/charlie-munger-daily-journal-2015-meeting-notes/
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