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One of the Greatest Investment Opportunities...


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Some sort of five-for-one burger coupon?


That would be awesome!


Any hint about the sector ??? !!!

Is it listed on NYSE/NASDAQ ??? !!! ??? !!!



Yes, I'm quite well-known as a stock-tease!  LOL!  Cheers!


North-American and listed.


Will you be making a reveal once you've established your position?


Also, can you say if it's on this board already?


Maybe!  ;D  Already almost 10%, but if it gets cheaper we may max out near the 25% self-imposed limit. 



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did the opportunity just recently become available (ie, something caused it to become available)?  or has it been sitting there in plain view for a while, and you just recently found the diamond in the rough?


Can't comment.  It will come out in due time...hopefully I'm right!  ;D  Cheers!

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It's Twitter IPO!  We all should have known ;)


I know of a closed end fund that has a twitter position that was up yesterday in the aftermarket...I doubt that is what he is referring to as I wouldn't call "one of the greatest opps"...I don't even own because the funds position in twitter is not a majority percentage of fund...too uncertain what will happen.

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