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  1. This is the discord for those that are interested. https://discord.gg/BC5gZPUhzm Again its intention is around small business acquisition and growth discussions.
  2. Anyone here a search fund investor / small business acquisition / entrepreneur through acquisition / small business owner? I am trying to figure out how much appetite there would be a for a discord that would have resources on this item. I have found a lot of people talking about it and there is a great community of them on Twitter but no central resource / forum. Thoughts?
  3. Even with Merchants Bank, it was secondary market lending that really drove their results. Between PPP loan volume and Secondary Market loans, this drove regional banks much more than the mega banks.
  4. My target for end of 2021 has been 2% on the 10 yr. There’s not going to be runaway inflation but definitely persistent push higher. Myopic view on jobs numbers doesn’t take into effect the amount of people choosing not to work because of government subsidies, lack of daycare, lack of school, and government mandated business curtailments. Until government releases executive orders on businesses in line with Texas and others, jobs numbers will not return but they don’t have to in order to have a strong and growing economy. Last I checked, hospitality doesn’t drive the US economy.
  5. WFC REDW ETH.X DGRO MFIN RWIFX POAGX PRNHX SNXFX TRSAX PESPX THRY WFC Jan 22 $30 calls WFC Jan 22 $37.5 calls Doesn't include a good cash position right now. Probably the lightest on individual stocks that I have been in a while.
  6. I am not sure the top is in. The latest OCC Announcement https://www2.occ.gov/news-issuances/news-releases/2021/nr-occ-2021-2.html provides an avenue for national banking charters to move into cryptocurrency and improve the access to international transactions and more or less kill off the likes of Western Union and MoneyGram. As a banker, I could see a version of the future where crypto is integrated into our system. Ethereum is the platform that could drive this change, or at least initially.
  7. I bought some of this during the past week. Crazy moves but since we have a number of international people on this board, what are your thoughts? I bought on the platform thesis providing more flexibility and ultimately more long term value to the ecosystem than looking at Bitcoin. Really enjoyed the book The Infinite Machine on Ethereum. It looks like 2.0 provides more opportunities to scale and just launched.
  8. May be of interest to some of you https://open.spotify.com/playlist/5E3olbDxR4QiJQxK2UZS5d?si=MBQt4tcbQpa0iMQzQYSccw
  9. I bought in roughly equal amounts BAC JPM C F yesterday towards end of business.
  10. NYCB F BAC JPM UMPQ - Income Investing Strategy with opportunity for growth. Not flashy but very dependable additions.
  11. Hi All, I ran into an issue on a microcap/OTC stock that I have been accumulating a position in. There is a ask for 2 shares out on the stock for 3 times the last trading price. Fidelity will only let me bid 50% of the amount of the ask price. More or less stopping me from continuing to add to my orders. Anyone found a work around? Thanks!
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