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  1. Brilliant comment. Will go down in history as one of the best on this site.
  2. Yep. My first post in years. Berkshire makes a lot of sense here for many reasons. I posted some on twitter at Not getting style points for this one but: Big Berkshire $BRKA $BRKB fan over next few years 1) Valuation has gone nowhere for past three years 2) Within buyback range (repurchasing ~7%+ of company annually) + no share issuances! 3) earnings only ~15% down, coiled for 2021 4) at current valuation, you get huge part of biz for free 5) insurance is in a hard (prices up) market 6) 1.2x BV is historical low end of the range speculative: 7) asset-based cash flowing biz could re-rate higher if inflation fears arise 8 ) buffett optionality (stock bounce if he passes away RIP) as discussion centers on increased buybacks, distributions, or spinoffs 9) $550B as a market cap doesn't seem that high
  3. [move]Vanguard Money Market Funds https://investor.vanguard.com/mutual-funds/profile/VMFXX - 2.35% https://investor.vanguard.com/mutual-funds/profile/VMMXX - 2.45%[/move]
  4. 100% needs to be hidden by default / shut down. It's the first thing new members / public visitors see on the site. It's literally three or four jobless dudes who live in their basement and have too much time on their hands trying to trigger a group of value investors. It's sad and I wouldn't care but it likely affects the type of members we get here.
  5. Well, I was buying a 2 bn company today. Bid was 29.2 and ask was 29.24. I put in an adaptive limit order at 29.24 but only got 200 shares filled, and price immediately jumped up to 29.28/29.36. I had a similar experience with another stock where the moment I put the order in, the price jumped. I won't think it is coincidence because I was staring at the screen for minutes when I was doing the last round of sanity checks and price was not moving, but the moment I click the confirm button, the bid/ask changes. That's just too unreal to be coincidence. Sounds like volume is pretty low for that company and you got stuck in the market maker shuffle.
  6. It essentially splits your order in 100-share chunks so you don't move the market price. For larger, more liquid names you can put the order in as limit and you'll likely get the fill quick. For adaptive, if the stock gaps up or gaps down, you'll be buying throughout the move. Sometimes it's too slow / too smart for its own good if the volume is already there.
  7. Isn't the intrinsic value of profitable American businesses permanently higher with lower tax rates? Like 20% higher?
  8. I'm thinking they don't buy back anything substantial. When the equities they love are selling off like crazy (e.g. financials, Apple, other names across the spectrum), I think they're deploying to those stocks or holding on for more cash expecting more opportunities to emerge, especially as liquidity / financing starts to tighten.
  9. Does a monopoly matter if it's in an area that's totally optional (social media) and not required for day to day life?
  11. I'm all for freedom of speech but it seems like this investing discussion website is being overrun by hostile political conversation and recently it has leaked over into the General Discussion section. I just mute the political forum so it's invisible to me, but I am concerned that potential/new members see the recent posts section (see attached image) when they first visit the site and either shy way because of the hostile political discourse or get attracted because of the hostile political discourse. Either way, there's definitely some self-selection that is going on that over time will significantly reduce the investment quality of the board. I'm all for political freedom of speech. So go do it on one of the other million political websites on the internet so it doesn't affect our investment returns you loud-mouthed leeches.
  12. https://investor.vanguard.com/mutual-funds/list?filterAllAssetClasses=false&filterMoneyMarket=true&filterFiftyThousandAndUp=true&filterLowCostInvestor=true#/mutual-funds/asset-class/month-end-returns Check out the Vanguard Federal Money Market and Prime Money Market. The two best in the game.
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