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What has been your best purchase over the past year for less than $250?

Guest notorious546

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The question was stolen from Tim Ferris's podcast. I thought it would be interesting to ask the same question to the board.


Let me get the ball rolling.


Kindle Paperwhite





An ereader is probably the best example of such a purchase. I can't think of anything I spent <$250 on in the last year that made an impact on my life worth mentioning,but I bought my ereader in 2013 and I still use it everyday.  It is without a doubt the smallest purchase in the last 5 years that has made the largest impact on my life.  I have a Kobo Aura HD with a 6.8" screen (256dpi).


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Through my gas company, you can a Nest and energy audit for $199. Usually the Nest is $250 and audit is $50. I was planning on spending about $1,000 to add blown-in insulation in the attic. However, after the audit, the guy said it would only save around $30-$40 a year so it wasn't worthwhile to do it.

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It was a little more than $250 cost upfront, but I'm definitely enjoying the fruits/benefits of upgrading to the Platinum American Express card. It was $450 up front membership fee, but I've made more than that back in in refunds/discounts that they give me for things that I happened to be buying anyways and I've only had the card for 4 months.


Looks like I'm going to get paid quite a bit this year for taking the opportunity to upgrade.

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Mygica - Cut my cable tv cord. Saved me $1200/year. Cost me $80



We've hit our limit with Rogers so we're finally cutting. Most likely going with the local guy who programs the Android box and you get a controller for $120. He loads everything on for you that you could need.

I'd still like to find a source for Disney Junior for the kids though. So far, Disney has a lock on their content and the only way to get it is with a cable subscription.


So that will be my best purchase next month.  ;D


My best one now is my 10" Acer tablet. I love it. It was on clearance at Walmart in the fall for $149. In all the reviews I found before I bought it said it stacked up well against the equivalent Samsung that was more than twice the price.

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