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TV- how much do you watch

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I'm interested in how much TV people watch.. please include TV shows watched on your computer!!!


I don't mean actually have it on in the background but the actual amount you actually sit down and watch.


I probably watch 3 or 4 shows that are on TV - all of which I record and watch at my convenience - and skip the ads.


However I am a sucker for Live sports so my hours get pushed up because of that..


I'm anticipating the answer to be far lower than the national average.


any commentary that enhances your answer would be welcome!!



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I'd estimate if you took my entire TV watching over the last year it would average about 2-3 hours per week.


I like Boardwalk Empire, that is the only series I watched in the last year.  I used to like The Sopranos back when it was on and I like Dexter, but I don't have Showtime so I wait until I can get the season DVDs from Netflix.


When Boardwalk Empire was on I probably averaged 3 hours per week, when it wasn't probably about 2 hours or less.  The only TV I watch regularly is a DVD per week from Netflix on a Friday or Saturday night. 


I've never been into sports very much.  There have been years I'd watch the Red Sox, but I don't think I've seen a game in the last 2 years.  I probably haven't watched a football or basketball game since I was a teenager (20+ years ago), I don't even watch the superbowl. And I don't think I've ever watched a complete hockey or soccer game on TV.


I read probably 8-10 hours per week though.



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There was a period of time where my answer would be zero. Now after we are exhausted at the end of the day the wife and I will sit down and watch a show, or two, until it puts one of us to sleep, usually me. Even when we are watching I'll often be working on something else. So my guestimate now is about 10 hours per week.

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Does one include TV shows that are purchased on dvd. As we have no live TV connection in our home, we tend to purchase, mostly older, shows that we are interested in. Especially when we find them in the bargain bins, watching Carol Burnett shows right now, although we have purchased the recent Sherlock series from BBC. 

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Series: Dexter, Breaking bad (behind about 2 seasons in each), Downton Abbey and Graham Norton (both “watch with wife things!”)

Occasional programs on the food network and travel channel and sometimes sit with the kids and watch the Daily show and The Colbert Report


Other programs – Football (Liverpool FC) and the NFL.


I’ll watch the occasional movie on DVD.


So far the results are showing that the respondents watch far fewer hours and average (I think 40 hours is average per week with the TV being on 6 hours a day in the average house)

So a follow up question – who watches live tv and who watches adverts? Even the sports I watch I’ll often record them and watch them on dvr a little later so I can skip through the ads (take note nfl!!!).

If companies like apple and Google go the TV route then how will they turn it into cash flow – will people pay for the channels? If so will it be enough to make those ventures feasible?


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And can't wait for baseball season to begin - GO JAYS GO!


Me too.  I just hope I can manage to watch the games this year.

I'm in the under 5 hours since having our second daughter last January. 

Must see TV for me, 12 Saturdays in the fall for Notre Dame football and 4 days in April for the Masters.  All the rest is hit and miss with the odd Jays game last year.


I just found Boardwalk Empire last week while reading an interview with Mark Wahlberg.  So add that to all the other shows I want to catch up on at some point, Breaking Bad and The Sopranos.  Yes, years later I still haven't really seen much in the way of the Sopranos.

And I still have to finish the last season of Entourage. 


My wife bought all 7 seasons of The West Wing before our first daughter was born almost 4 years ago and we've managed to watch the series twice through. 


Here's a good list of shows I found last week.  http://www.imdb.com/list/BWXx2ZSNkjg/

I've added a couple of more shows to my wish list after seeing this.  More shows I'd like to see that I don't have time for.  ;D

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Interesting article.  The one aspect I he did not get into on the advertising end is the options available to the advertisers.  I think this is what is driving the demand and pricing for advertising.  Where are the advertisers going to go?  Look at a local car dealer or CPG company for example.  Are they going to reduce their TV advertising and replace it with what?  More internet that they already have.  He appears to imply that advertising revenue in the aggregate will decline or that it is a variable cost for which he supplies no rationale.  My understanding is the cost is fixed and required for maintaining brand image and audience share. 


In the newspaper and record era, the audience migrated from a pay model to a free internet model.  For broadcast TV, the access is already free so the audience will not migrate for price.  This may be more of an issue for the cable companies but in theory their content costs should decline.  I see his lack of addressing the free content TV model as a flaw in his analogy to newspapers and records.





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