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  1. THE HARDEST LANDING Epic Fed policy error, groupthink pundits, and bailout-addicted investors are collaborating to create the hardest landing since 1929... https://zensecondlife.blogspot.com/2022/06/the-hardest-landing.html ...... MONETARY FAILURE AT THE ZERO BOUND In the perfect world for stocks, the Fed implodes the middle class, inflation comes down, and the Fed rescues markets before they collapse. This is what Wall Street now universally expects from the Fed, because it's been standard policy for the past 40 years. This time, they are flirting with disaster at the zero bound. Anyone who is now betting policy-makers can pull this off, deserves their certain fate... https://zensecondlife.blogspot.com/2022/06/monetary-failure-at-zero-bound.html ...... THE END OF GLOBALIZATION The day many of us thought would never arrive is finally at hand. It took fourteen years of continuous failure to bring about what was painfully obvious in 2008 - Globalization is over... https://zensecondlife.blogspot.com/2022/04/the-end-of-globalization.html
  2. He had last year a $2B equity portfolio, and now only reporting approx. $200M, its seems he has about 80-90% cash ?
  3. Michael Burry (Scion Asset Management, LLC) filed today again. Cheers! https://fintel.io/i/scion-asset-management-llc https://www.sec.gov/edgar/browse/?CIK=1649339 https://www.sec.gov/Archives/edgar/data/0001649339/000156761922010747/0001567619-22-010747-index.htm https://www.sec.gov/Archives/edgar/data/1649339/000156761922010747/xslForm13F_X01/form13fInfoTable.xml COLUMN 1 COLUMN 2 COLUMN 3 COLUMN 4 COLUMN 5 COLUMN 6 COLUMN 7 COLUMN 8 VALUE SHRS OR SH/ PUT/ INVESTMENT OTHER VOTING AUTHORITY NAME OF ISSUER TITLE OF CLASS CUSIP (x$1000) PRN AMT PRN CALL DISCRETION MANAGER SOLE SHARED NONE ALPHABET INC CAP STK CL A 02079K305 18,079 6,500 SH DFND 1,2 6,500 0 0 APPLE INC COM 037833100 35,970 206,000 SH Put DFND 1,2 206,000 0 0 BOOKING HOLDINGS INC COM 09857L108 18,788 8,000 SH DFND 1,2 8,000 0 0 BRISTOL-MYERS SQUIBB CO COM 110122108 21,909 300,000 SH DFND 1,2 300,000 0 0 CIGNA CORP NEW COM 125523100 17,971 75,000 SH DFND 1,2 75,000 0 0 DISCOVERY INC COM SER C 25470F302 18,728 750,000 SH DFND 1,2 750,000 0 0 GLOBAL PMTS INC COM 37940X102 9,127 66,700 SH DFND 1,2 66,700 0 0 META PLATFORMS INC CL A 30303M102 17,789 80,000 SH DFND 1,2 80,000 0 0 NEXSTAR MEDIA GROUP INC CL A 65336K103 14,362 76,200 SH DFND 1,2 76,200 0 0 OVINTIV INC COM 69047Q102 16,221 300,000 SH DFND 1,2 300,000 0 0 SPORTSMANS WHSE HLDGS INC COM 84920Y106 2,673 250,000 SH DFND 1,2 250,000 0 0 STELLANTIS N.V SHS N82405106 9,762 600,000 SH DFND 1,2 600,000 0 0
  4. Michael Burry´s recent tweets >>> https://twitter.com/burryarchive ....... ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... .....
  5. Some great data charts from Peter Thiel´s friends David Sachs + Chamath Palihapitiya about the NASDAQ + tech >>> great opportunity to selectively buy certain names at cheap prices, I personally bought days ago FB,... Cheers! ..... ......
  6. Talking about Michael Saylor,... ... here's a great 3 hour perspective with Lex Fridman. >>>
  7. Thanks for sharing this Versign graphic. Buffett/Berkshire bought Versign in 2012. It´s mind-boggling and very insightful, many thanks for this chart.
  8. Just some educational overview.... the simulated Ai grid at work with another contractor. Cheers! https://www.anduril.com/ .....
  9. Some of latest video footage of the Moskva in flames >>> ..... ..... Again, I say that the targeting was probably done by the contractor Skynet-like Ai, that was in the payload of a recent SpaceX flight in the last 4 weeks. This emerging Ai-grid from space can to analysis 24/7 real time and forward simulated games. The small **Cassandra** minded investor community in the footsteps of Michael Burry see the potential of their thesis at work for the first time. The CEO, only probably didn't expect, how it works this perfectly. Comparing AI to most lethal weapon in human history isn't comforting, but as Elon already said before, if you can't stop it, join it. Elon transported this contractor Ai with SpaceX, which is also currently placed in the core of Amazon AWS. This should be considered a very brilliant DUNE-like chess move, if Besos also using the ¨same¨contractor Ai as Elon. The chess figures of snake oil are moving, visible. Cheers!
  10. Interesting podcast with Lex Fridman >>> Bitcoin, Inflation, and the Future of Money!
  11. So beauty isn't Frank Gehry, Zaha Hadid or Daniel Libeskind in architecture neither, which are pritzker prize architects, while be still admire rustic country style homes, the sorts of Ralph Lauren in the Hamptons. I consider looking at an American GE washing machine, like visual eye-cancer, plain ugly,... compared to a European Miele, or a British Dyson fan (James Dyson). Some iconic European designer electronics are part of the permanent exhibition at the MOMA in New York, and its no wonder that Steve Jobs admired Jony Ive, Dieter Rams (BRAUN). Look, I tell you bluntly, I am an introvert and usually research very deeply, like the deep sea oil drillers, in Armageddon. In Beverly Hills luxury mansions are certain European minimalistic design brands, that are part of every basic European household, but the heartland American can't distinguish chick vs trash. Its still mind boggling, that Steve Ballmer didn't understood the iPhone eco-system in 2007 !!! ..... ..... ..... .....
  12. I never drove a car until about 3 1/2 years ago. I made my driver license for about $100 USD and got a brand new luxury SUV 4x4 from the original primary dealer, which was returned by the prior owner, a doctor, after only a few months. It was approximate a deal, -20% below the MSRP, while getting a special kickback from the underlying dividend, as a shareholder of the company in that specific year, which covered the full car price. I had my car for free, that was fun . Besides my current free car,... I already pre-ordered, the Tri-motor Tesla Cybertruck, with the $100 down-payment. I don´t mind waiting a few years, but it will be great to drive a unique Zombie-apocalypse pickup.
  13. Here's probably a good choice by Silicon Valley´s most knowledgeable guys! # Chamath Palihapitiya # Jason Calancanis # David Sachs # David Friedberg >>> The All-in Podcast @YouTube channel about Silicon Valley VC Valuation Modeling !!! Venture Capitalist, Brad Gerstner talks about the valuation of SNOW/Snowflake ..... ..... .....
  14. Hello ERICOPOLY and Spekulatius,... I post here some reply to both of you, since I consider you 2 smarties . I specially appraise Erico, since his internal gut feeling as a former tech guy (MSFT), and his smart instinct to bet on FFH and ORH leaps in the old Fairfax days a decade ago. I personally sense that the next FAANG 2.0 would not be the one what you expect it to be. Remember Warren Buffett words on the evolution of the world's largest companies (1989 vs. 2021 [Japanese Banks, vs. Silicon Valley Tech {Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, Google}]). The next FAANG 2.0 will probably be a black swan rising opportunistic company, that will monopolize some tiny fraction of the entire worlds economic activity, what we all do and need. Like charging a Google or Facebook-like fee on the worlds entire economic output, a tiny 1%, or maybe only 0.1% fee, with a huge net profit margin of 25% to 35%. It will probably be an artifical or virtual intrinsic company that creates a value chain, and that triggers ripple effects through the entire world economy, which is currently in chaos with covid, supply chain problems, inflation etc. A company that can harvest the DUNE like seeds of chaos, the kinetic chaos situation and extract a value chain, a company that builds a master piece in the making. Some slow Terminator-like rising out of the ashes of chaos, a master piece in the making, like Berkshire. After years of building, the single components, it will raise to the surface exponentially, in network-like grid effects. Over 10 years, the majority of AMZN or MSFT employees or shareholders, didn't knew what sprung out of the tiny cloud service departments at their companies, which are now hugely profitable, and what happened with Apple´s iOS eco-system. This will happen again with another company, that builds on top of everything, way-above !!! AMZN, MSFT, Apple, a first-order-logic system of another scale, with tsunami like effects. The first principles of Skynet are already DUNE-like build without the general public much conscious perception. This old and core message board group stalked over a decade ago, the Michael Burry bet against the housing bubble, and followed Fairfax bet with credit default swaps, Prem Watsa, Francis Chou, but the next bet will be asymmetric, kinetic chaos, and harvesting the seeds in the making of this moat. The biggest problems should be flipped-up-side down, like Alan Turing´s fight against the Enigma. The all-in approach, on a concentrated bet with the smartest people, that solve the worlds biggest problems, reversed engineered. IMHO the future FAANG´s in 10 or 20 years will be way,...way different. I noticed myself, if a few people are cyber sleuths, ERICO was one of them another one was this Emmet Pepper, His own expertise and gut feeling of following his instincts with TSLA leaps, his expertise working formerly with a leading derivative platform, having his instincts what works. Pepper rolled concentrated TSLA leaps in only one company for many years. Charlie Munger´s simple bet (on margin) on BABA seems by some observers complicated, by others very simple, because of the inverted trajectory of the long term intrinsic fundamentals. It´s simple to understand moats of compounding machines, GEICO, Moodys, or FlightSafty, isn't it. Now what, or who builds the moat of the next giant-Skynet, the next giant-BABA is already in the making. Observe patterns, be risk adverse, but opportunistic, bet appropriate. Cheers!
  15. Moderation and truce has to start to start with each of us, before we are asking it from somebody else. The board members here by large should be reasonable, non-violent people, so it should not be hard to have a civil discourse. If not, these threads should be locked. Moderation and truce has to start to start with each of us, before we are asking it from somebody else. The board members here by large should be reasonable, non-violent people, so it should not be hard to have a civil discourse. If not, these threads should be locked. So you are suggesting from everybody to search with himself to find a way to oscillate with each new mental thought in direction of a tandem collective wavelength, and an equilibrium of mediocrity. It seems like your moderation and truce could lead to the Frankfurt School, i.e. "critical theory", a reverse engineering of individualism to collectivism, i.e. for the common good of the group. I'm perfectly versed in political science, it's historic roots, intentions, motivations and history. I'm owning some remarkable book library of its masterworks. Fortunately, I educated myself independently without indoctrination of hidden agendas. All roots go through psychology,... reverse engineering of the human perception by some few knowledgeable elite experts, by creating new deception delusions to the majority of the unaware. Sadly, these unaware minds are invisible "locked",... moved, pushed by hidden "Force Fields", i.e. Kurt Lewin (Frankfurt School/Tavistock) theories for the common good. Tavistock the birthplace of social control theories by CIA, MI5. Luckly, I assume Peter Thiel understands these dangerous malicious risks, because through his Palentir body Alex Karp, a PhD in critical theory (I heard, that Karp studied under Herbert Marcuse,....but not sure). It boggles me intellectually, that hidden "mind control" should be suggested from now on, so we have a trigger free safe space. 1984 has finally sadly arrived. ::)
  16. And if there is anything recent events such as at Berkeley show, the left will simply not tolerate Trump supporters to exist. Actully, I follow Milo Yiannopoulos already some long time, great unconventional guy, presenting values of freedom and capitalism. Listening to Milo almost feels like in good old days of Milton Friedman on Donahue, where Milton, Ronald Reagan's house economist trolled with wit. Milo is some guy with great taste of style. I already did preorder Milo's new book: the trigger setting "Dangerous". His friends Lauren Southern's book: "Barbarian's" got before Christmas to No. 1, at the Canadian Amazon charts for a few days. Lauren, a hedgehog freak and political science student from Vancouver, with awesome political grandma, was traveling last summer through Germany, Dresden, Berlin, Belgium and other European cities. She stayed secretly in Peter Thiels, German hotel, with some other guys I know, followed all day by thousands of police officers and surveillance spies and detectives,.... ha, the lying big media wasn't interested, nooo CNN, no BBC, no MSN, nobody. Thiel was sprinting with Fiat's John Elkann through the streets, Lauren and folks behind, lol. Thiel months later backing Trump ,... I sensed his value set. Finally Trump speaking out to support Milo, against leftist Berkeley, support free speech or no public funds, good so.
  17. Hey, my dear friends cardboard & no_free_lunch,... ;D I just had a nap, woke up again, you made my day Good to have humble friends, I always enjoyed your gracious opinions. Friends are like stars, you not always see them, but they are always there. Awesome pick, i agree,... I freely join your daily countdown for 202O ;) While taking nap, i made the decision to 'support' some awesome new project of a courageous humble person,... as probably the major backer. Project has already, currently over 100,000 members,... with some decent growth predicted til 2020. Awesome, well publicly known famous intellectual's from academia and authors have there, their free choice of speech, free minds for free markets.... ;D berkshiremystery
  18. @No_free_lunch Finally some interesting news, Trump fired Acting Attorney General Sally Yate @ DOJ. Cheers!
  19. Billionaire Prem Watsa Feeds OMERS’ Thirst for Indian Exposure JANUARY 15, 2017 Post-transaction, OMERS owns 20,363,514 shares of Fairfax India Holdings, representing 17.34% of the share class of Fairfax India Holdings. http://www.swfinstitute.org/swf-article/billionaire-prem-watsa-feeds-omers-thirst-for-indian-exposure-35315241/
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