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  1. The problem is not China, the problem is Xi. His other title is “the big accelerator”— accelerate China to doom.
  2. to be fair, if Xi can have birthday party with Putin why can’t Pelosi have a tour with Taiwan? What’s the big deal. I feel China is acting up intentionally, to support someone own agenda of remaining in power — or some are certain fractions in China who want to escalate- maybe the defense companies
  3. That will be a bad idea. Say, can you stop buying oil from Saudi?
  4. I guess China could retaliate Pelosi visit by .. holding birthday party for Putin? anyway. I think China is overreacting. This is not the first time some senior congress members visit Taiwan. They can’t stop US meeting Taiwan, same as US can’t stop Xi having a birthday party with Putin
  5. I think the local “bank” that got into trouble is one of the many small private banks in China, usually controlled by local business man. They are not insured. They are private banks. And depositors know that. They are offered very high interest products , some depositors traveled across cities to deposit money with them.
  6. 996 is not the life style of most Chinese. I will say the life in US is more competitive for an average person. 996 is the life a someone who work in a high tech company in China, and many US startups employee work the same hours.. just look at Elon Musk… 996 everyday
  7. I follow some Chinese activist’s YouTube channel and there’s almost daily speculation that Xi has already been sidelined, but I speculate it’s more likely wishing thinkings from these guys. I try to be optimistic. It’s not Xi’s China. People will not easily give back what they’ve gotten.
  8. If Xi doesn’t get “re-elected “, the market is going to turn around. so far, it seems be still most likely going to get re-elected. But nowaday, impo, a lot more Chinese, maybe most Chinese don’t support him anymore (unlike a few years before when he first came to power and vowed to crack down corruptions). this could make a difference.. i think there could be a possibility that he’s “re-elected “ but eventually sidelined over time.
  9. Google just announced they have a new board member who used to be a senior partner at Goldman. That to me a bearish news. This guy belongs to the group of managers at GS after 2008 who enriched themselves in the name of cost cutting and driving efficiency yet lose tons of profit generating employees to JPM. It’s possible he got the skill that google needs, which is cost cutting.
  10. If you point a gun next to my head and ask me to buy just one stock, my answer: this is it, Berkshire Hathaway
  11. He couls also be keep getting new investors, some has existing portfolio only to be liquidated slowly for tax reasons . his other picks like XOM and Para were also bought by Buffett only recently . I think he’s pretty good… of course not as good as Buffett
  12. Wondering if WEB is buying aggressively less of investment reason but more of buying insurance that oil could spike way way higher.
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