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Daily Journal Annual Meeting


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DJCO's annual meeting is scheduled on February 2, and I'm considering making the flight to Los Angeles to attend.  To that end, has anyone attended the annual meeting in the past?  Does Mr. Munger answer questions?  I've never come across meeting notes.  Thanks in advance.

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From what I've heard it is very good.  Munger doesn't answer questions for hours like he does at Wesco, but he does answer some.  I would think it is going to be far larger than normal, now that he will no longer be doing Wesco.  Cheers!

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Last year, Charlie did his usual Wesco routine.  He spoke for nearly 45 minutes (Charlie spent a good chunk of that time teaching us about the economics of DJCO which is quite fascinating), and then he answered questions from the attendees.  The main conference room at DJCO's HQ was packed with people.  He answered each and every question until the meeting ended which was about 12:30PM.  The meeting lasted 2.5 hrs.  It was a lot of fun for me because we only had about about 25 people in that conference room with Charlie.


With the ending of Wesco's annual meeting, you can bet that the DJCO's meeting will be very crowded this year. 

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Wesco expects that if the merger is consummated prior to early June 2011, there

will be no 2011 annual meeting of Wesco's shareholders. In that event, Charles T.

Munger plans to hold an “Afternoon with Charlie” in Pasadena, California sometime

within a few weeks after the merger to give Berkshire Hathaway and former Wesco

shareholders a chance to ask him questions about business, economics and life (but not

about Wesco). That event would be held on May 4, 2011 if the merger has been

consummated before then. On the other hand, if the merger is not approved, Wesco

would expect to hold a 2011 annual meeting of shareholders



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Guest longinvestor

Charlie is very healthy as I have a picture of him with my friend celebrating his 90th birthday.  The delay may be due to the postponment of 10-K audit: http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2013-12-31/munger-s-daily-journal-misses-second-reporting-deadline.html?cmpid=yhoo


Like others, I'd like to see Charlie stay sharp as he is for a decade or more!


The speculative mind in me is however wondering if we will see Matt Rose take WEB's spot and WEB, CM's at the meeting this year?

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Any update on the date?


I'm guessing we won't have any date until they release the 10K. I am a bit surprised it isn't out yet, not sure what the hold up is.


Below is a link that explains the delay to the release of the 10K ,...& likely the delay of the Annual shareholder meeting .





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