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  1. One of many for me....Selling a 3% position in Amazon shares in the $200s to invest more in Valeant....Double whammy...
  2. I am sure Fairfax will miss him! From the outside looking in, he seemed to be Prem's successor, should Prem decide to step down/retire.
  3. muscelman, Appreciate your post on what you were seeing with the technicals. This seems like an investment where there is a clear information asymmetry between investors for better or worse. Hopefully there isn't any asymmetry with the court outcomes like with the administration. Thank you for sharing what you saw because it seems to be a reflection of what was happening with material information.
  4. fwiw: "(two of two) Then Calabria will negotiate w Treasury & hopes to come to agreement by the fall that would allow them to stop Fannie and Freddie from sending profits to Treasury later this year. That is, ending the net sweep."
  5. Glad to see Fairfax continue the litigation.
  6. Prem Watsa, You are a business owner in the United States and a human being. Please reach out to your colleague in the current administration, Wilbur Ross, to stop the unnecessary separation of children from their parents. Your colleagues and employees look up to your leadership and I believe this is an issue that could use your help. I apologize if I'm being disrespectful asking for your help or assuming that you haven't done anything to help. Thank you! ps. Sanjeev, feel free to remove this thread if it doesn't make sense or is counter productive.
  7. Eric, 1) Reached out to u via DM with one avenue that may help with your situation. 2) I believe the old site got archived by Sanjeev and I imagine there is some way to prove the veracity of the post from that time. I believe the flow of posts do an accurate job of framing your state of mind during that time like a journal. Maybe Sanjeev has an idea of proving the veracity. Also I'm sure others including myself can vouch for those post once you find the relevant ones in some formal manner that shows its not some made up thing but actual people willing to say they read those posts from that time. I for one remember you posting about Santa Barbara and having the option on the house you were renting, the tesla (having them come to fix it), there's plenty of anecdotes you shared during that time... Best of luck, but be rational and stay truthful as you try and fight someone that is twisting the facts for their own gain. Don't stoop to their level and hopefully the legal system will see thru the fabrication and surface the facts. Look forward to helping in any way we can.
  8. Happy New Year! Here’s to another crazy year.
  9. Fair enough. Thank you for your perspective on this. I will delete my post.
  10. I couldn't access the site all day. Request to the site never came back for me.
  11. Maybe they are overly comforted with Wilbur Ross on the cabinet?
  12. http://proxy.dailyjournal.com/Fileserver/DJICText/DJCO_Proxy/DJAnnualReport2016.pdf
  13. http://markets.businessinsider.com/news/stocks/trump-executive-order-repeal-dodd-frank-fiduciary-rule-2017-2-1001721502 I found another link that has the same text as you posted: I guess we wait and see what these executive orders have to say.
  14. Trump's calendar shows he plans on signing executive orders today at noon. Buckle up. (my emphasis added on "executive order" in quote above) The text in that article has changed from what you posted above to this: Anyone have the earlier version of the article?
  15. Interesting, just looked at the actual document linked in the twitter post…it looks strange. The second page doesn't look like it matches the first page in scan quality and the second page questions restart the numbering from 1. I also couldn't find a link to the document from Brown's website, maybe I'm just looking in the wrong place. just some comments on the strangeness of the document. I hope we get some clarifications from the courts soon.
  16. Don't forget that Ackman owns FNMA common and Icahn is surely aware of that.
  17. Props to Brian & Prem on liquidating the long bonds… Decent move in the 30yr rate 7.8% to 2.83
  18. thumbs up! Thank you for posting this.
  19. http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2016-11-04/buffett-backed-insurer-keeps-getting-sued-over-complex-products complex product combined with sales incentives….
  20. Is there anything preventing her from just turning over the documents to the plaintiffs?
  21. Still no documents produced from the Motion to Compel. This is annoying. What's the point of the order, if the government is allowed to drag its feet and not comply… I hope Judge Sweeney comes down hard and orders the defendant to pay attorney fees or this will continue to drag on... 13-465-0342.pdf
  22. Just listened to the call. The thing that stood out for me was that plaintiffs have not seen any of the 56 documents sampled and may get a better idea on Monday on when they can see them. This just shows what an uphill battle this has been and will continue to be. In relation to the other 11k documents or more, in the motion to compel there was a requirement that the defendants go back and reexamine their privilege and update the logs to be more accurate. This just adds to the continued delay tactics that the government has used and will continue to use to slow this thing down. If and when plaintiffs get access to those 11k documents then they have to sit down and go through them which will also take time…. Sweeney's ruling is a huge win along with the motion to pay legal fees, but this continues to be a huge uphill battle that continues to take valuable time.
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