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2022 Like a Splash of Cold Water For...


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"many of those trying van life have grown disillusioned with it, sometimes after spending a significant portion of their savings on converting or renovating a vehicle. One 33-year-old described it as “glorified homelessness” and griped about gas prices. Another said more bluntly, “Van life influencer culture is full of sh––,” complaining, among other things, of endless repairs and having to pay for hotel rooms when it’s too hot to sleep in a van."



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2 hours ago, Gregmal said:

Theyre just doing it wrong. Vanlife is awesome when you have a $100k RV and use it 2-3 weeks a year!


That's RV Life, not Van Life!  You've got a toilet and shower in that RV most likely at $100K.  The Van guy may have a cartridge compost toilet that stinks up the van and showers at any rest stop or beach washroom he can find.  I doubt it's very exciting knowing you just took a dump next to your bed or little kitchen in a van...down by the river!  Cheers! 

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