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Capital IQ -- alternative for private investors?

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I have used Capital IQ for many years as an investment professional.  I plan to soon retire, and Capital IQ (cost of $20K+/year) is not a cost-effective option going forward for managing my personal investments.


I am wondering if there is an alternative high-quality product that has a cost structure that is more reasonable for private investors?


For those who are not familiar with Capital IQ, it is essentially a comprehensive database of information related to companies and markets.  Many years of historical data is provided, and the information is generally hyperlinked so that you can jump to original source (for example, SEC filing) to dig deeper.  The database also provides analytics (e.g, valuation and liquidity ratios) across its universe of coverage.


I'm hopeful that there is a more consumer-oriented product that will be adequate for my (less comprehensive) needs going forward.  I will primarily be interested in US business and their underlying publicly-traded securities.


Thanks for any thoughts or ideas!

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great ideas, thanks --  both koyfin and tikr look promising. 


does anyone who has used both care to comment on their strengths & weaknesses?

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I really like koyfin.


One small, but possibly overlooked feature is the news feed.

I frequently see fintwit posts that lead to useful discussions.

Lots of bot tweets show up but they're easy to spot & ignore.

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I like koyfin, but like tikr.com much more so. Tikr.com gets its data from Capital IQ.


You also may be able to get access to capital IQ directly from your library. For example, the Boston Library gives access to Capital IQ remotely for the duration of the pandemic. I am not sure how long it last, but for the time being, I have used Capital IQ through my Boston library account remotely for a few times.

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My highest use feature on KoyFin is the historical forward PE data. You can chart on site, but you can also download the data in excel, compute a standard deviation and compare that to current forward PE. Just did that a few minutes ago for Ping An (2318.HK) to see that it is trading more than 1 standard deviation cheap to the last 10 years and almost 1 standard deviation cheap to 5yrs worth of forward PE data.


I can't do that on any other Ghetto Bloomberg.


Koyfin also gets data from Capital IQ


We buy our data and have license agreements with over a dozen data vendors to provide professional-grade data via Koyfin. We don’t scrape the web for any data. The global equity fundamentals, consensus estimates and valuation are sourced from S&P Capital IQ.


- https://www.koyfin.com/help/faq/where-do-you-get-your-data/

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[size=2]When I read longlake's post a few  days ago, I applied to TICKR.com, wihtout any invitation. I got the invitation to create a new account today [a bit surprising to me].[/size>

[font=Verdana][size=2]Now it's up me what I get out of it.[/size][/font>

[size=2]Thank you for sharing, longlake.[/size]

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