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As of the latest proxy circular from December of 2016, Fairfax owns 19,991,044 Tembec shares. Since March 31st, the Tembec share price has moved from $2.98 to $4.18 currently representing a pretax gain of almost $24 million CAD.  It just seems like Fairfax has a lot of things going their way right now.

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Rough calc on the BBRY shares ($7.75 price at end of March and $11.11 price as of last week), and ICICI numbers from the other thread, Tembec numbers from above:


                    Increase in USD/share from end of Q1

BBRY               7.03

ICICI Lombard       19.5

Tembec               1.08

Total                       27.61


With book value at end of March 2017 at 348.97USD, that is ~8% increase in book value with just these three investments. 

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EDIT (was pretty out of it this morning): Patient investor, that is a another 1.5%.


The stock has only traded lower this quarter.  Will be a nice earnings report at the end of the month.  I may pick up a few more shares.

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Are you talking about Fairfax shares?  I was going to ask about that, whether folks are coming back around to the company, or for folks who hadn't left, if there was renewed confidence.


I've been trying to add here, but company keeps denying me the pre-clearance (I work in Finance). Dunno what's going on or when it will end, but have been trying to increase by a small amount given recent developments in the portfolio and the current share price.

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