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  1. Wow, so many complex drinks. Never occurred to me lol.
  2. I'm listing my house next week. 1.5% to selling realtor and 2.5% to buy side. If it sells for 75k higher than the best comp, it will have been a 200% gain on purchase price since 2014. I just can't have this much tied up in housing considering my typical returns in stocks. Where I'm at, the extra dough means I'm retired. I may buy again in the future or I may move to Spain in a year. I never liked working (excluding investing, that's fun ofc). It's always seemed like a waste of life to me. There was a point it was a confidence builder knowing that I'd proven myself and could accomplish things in various business environments. That period only last about a decade for me and became a given, therefore not challenging or interesting anymore. At 43 I'm looking to spend my time with family, rock climbing around the world, scuba diving, dirt biking, friends, reading, etc. My body won't be able to do these things at a level that's interesting to me more than maybe 10 more years if I'm lucky. I wish I could find something to do besides investing that interests me to make money.... I've been trying for a decade without success. I wish we were in a star trek world, I'd put time into that. I don't know what will happen to real estate prices..... but I know I can average 20% of better through cycles on stocks. If I could refi at 3% rate/20% equity and current values I probably would... however stock gains are not super useful with getting loans and the loan would be so big the income I'd have to prove would be quite high now. I'd have to work doing things I don't like to get that income for a couple more years=boring.
  3. Awesome book. Listened on drive. It's so obvious that the fundamental problem is the concentration of power. How anyone can't see this, and that there are degrees of concentrations of power(govt is more concentrated/harder to reverse course than one business), is the reason it's so pathological and pervasive. Hard wired evidently. Damned heuristics misfiring in our modern world. Hayek does a great job of making this explicit and clear.
  4. The 2020's will benefit from the baby boomers, the richest, largest generation to die thus far passing on their wealth. Myself and a half dozen close friends all stand to inherit 400k-2m this decade. In most cases it will be spent. In others, a greater % of it will be spent than the boomers who hold it now. This is a one time benefit creating a new delta for successive generations.
  5. 24% taxable, 36% non taxable, roughly equal account balances. Only about 70% invested throughout the year in non taxable and 50% in taxable on average so roic was higher. Last year was 70% ish, before that I'm not sure but I know before I moved all my accounts it was outpacing s and p 500 by 8% a year going back to 13' I didn't really do anything. Probably spent 5hrs/month. Mostly brk and a lil frfhf. Sold out of brk around 270 and then continued to sell puts on brk for the remainder of year. I think I got lazy after 2021. Can't escape the new paradigm everything is expensiveish feeling.
  6. They are just votes voting how there told for awhile.
  7. If your analysis is "this guy said or did something bad at some point therefore he's bad", you have no one left. Especially, those who tread on difficult ideas. In the age of cancel culture, total connectedness, twitter, mobs etc. Imagine the incredible stress Jordan went through doing a zillion interviews/live lectures/debates/podcasts/youtube videos/being hated/being loved/traveling all to the umpth degree for years while he's losing one job and his income is growing exponentially/starting many businesses. Perhaps you could say he took on to much, or you could say he rose to the challenge but flew too close to the sun. People fall apart. My bro watched his paragliding friend explode in front of his face falling 500 feet severing the bottom and top half of his body while he stared into my bro's eyes. My bro has been in/out of institutions and is now on Anti psychotic injectables, massive delusions big anger etc. You are all much closer to madness than you expect.
  8. why stocks go up and down will do most of the accounting work a newbie needs
  9. Rock climber for 25 years. Same climbing gym as our olympic silver medal Nathaniel Coleman.
  10. Ketel 1 vodka, Rose and Grapefruit. Tasted great. My fav for about a year now. Least inflammation/feeling crappy of any alcohol for me. Makes a big diff if you're an athlete especially compared to wine/beer or other hard liquors, but could just by my make up.
  11. After reading a couple dozen books including this one on let's say programmed behavior, it's amazing how little control I have over what I do except in very specific areas and only for moments of time. I've fought this notion for a decade... fighting against the nihilism that's resulted from this awakening. It took years but at this point it's clear that it doesn't change anything. It doesn't change the howness (read the master and his emissary another favorite) of life. Understanding this howness vs whatness has concluded in me truly understanding my circle of competence or let's say led to a step change function at least. Anyone who likes these sorts of books should read Kegan's, In over our heads and Mcgilchrist's Master and the emissary as companions.
  12. They'll just raise the age a few years for the different brackets. Inevitable and should have been done already. When ss was initiated the average age of death was three years hence, now it's what 15-20? There will be a lot of broke people. My dad complains about his 7k/month railroad retirement, he only worked there for 22 years... from 27-49 years old lol wtf. After getting his one year MBA that cost 1200 which he paid for buy selling pots and pans door to door for one summer. In reponse to how easy he had it he'd probably complain about the theft of his retirement savings not being able to earn anything in money markets cd's savings etc. He won't invest in stocks.
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