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  1. Anyone interested in current hurricane activity should check here. https://www.nhc.noaa.gov/ As one who lives in the Canadian Maritimes, these nasty things can affect more than just my Fairfax holdings. So far, so good...
  2. Hi Spec. If you have a minute and a half to spare, check out this video for a quick glimpse of Prince Edward Island: https://www.tourismpei.com/about-pei/video-photo-gallery/come-find-your-island For more info: https://www.tourismpei.com/
  3. Well you can't go to the East Coast and not check out PEI Some of the worlds best beaches and the warmest water north of the Carolinas. But there is much more than beaches to see. But there is much more than beaches to see.
  4. I was just thinking the same thing
  5. Thought some of us learned after the SFK Pulp/Fibrek deal that if you acquire stock in companies that FFH also owns, always be prepared for an opportunistic takeover by Fairfax. Also: The “fair” part of the “fair and friendly” motto only refers to what is in Fairfax’s best interests. Oh, and regarding Prem’s honesty and motives? One only has to look at what the Quebec judge said about him when Fairfax was sued over the Fibrek deal. Or, read the trial transcripts and then make up you own mind. Bottom line: Avoid holding shares in any company in which Fairfax also holds shares. Gotta go now and re-evaluate my Stelco shares.
  6. Articles like this won't hurt FFH share price ... https://seekingalpha.com/article/4522235-fairfax-is-good-shelter-in-volatile-times?mailingid=28298801&messageid=2800&serial=28298801.1147&source=email_2800&utm_campaign=rta-stock-article&utm_medium=email&utm_source=seeking_alpha&utm_term=28298801.1147 I wonder if the funds from the pet insurance sale will be used to buy back Fairfax shares or could it go towards repurchasing the interests held by OMERS and CPPIB Credit Investments in Odyssey Group?
  7. Thought the site had gone into shock at the drop in FFH share price today. Hopefully share price will bounce back now that the site is back up.
  8. That Cybertruck has got to be the most uglyist, dumbest, hideous thing that was ever put on four wheels. To me it looks like it was cobbled together out of scrap metal by some guy in his back yard. But I guess as they say ... 'beauty is in the eye of the beholder'. When is the other $100 due?
  9. Mr Schiff - not to be confused with Adam Schiff, is a former GOP Senate candidate in Connecticut and chief economist at Euro Pacific Capital. He also must be one of the most entitled, clueless "pundits" around. He should make a quick trip to the Ukraine just to check up on the situation.
  10. We don't often agree, but you took the words right out of my mouth. As I have said numerous times before, anyone who thinks that you can separate investing and politics is taking a very limited view of investing. If the current situation doesn't prove that I don't know what it would take.
  11. Was dealing online with a dealer negotiating on a recent used Mercedes-Benz. When he found out I didn't have a trade and was paying cash, he dropped me like a hot potato. They like the kick back on the financing and all the dealers around here are advertising "We want to buy your car!" We have acres of empty car lots at the dealers around here and dealers are desperate for cars. However, in talking to some, they say that sales are not that bad considering the waiting list for new cars. Order now for November/December delivery. Interesting times.
  12. Jeez, does anyone here really think that this is the end of Putin’s expansion plans? REALLY? Have some people not learned anything from WWII? In 1939 the U.S. dithered around for two long years before entering the war and only then because they were asleep at the switch and got attacked at Pearl for their isolationism. Where do you isolationist guys draw the line? Romania? Hungary? Poland? Germany? France? Great Britain? Canada? Alaska? Hawaii? New York? Last time around, Germany marched all the way through to France and the Middle East and then aligned with Japan to cover the Pacific. Germany/Japan in WWII kinda looks like Russia/China moving forward. The only thing that stopped them was a generation of heros and the fact that long range weapons and aircraft were not available. We now have the latter but few of the former. I also agree that Biden made a serious mistake in taking US troops off the table. That just leaves Putin free to absorb more territory.
  13. An Open Letter to the Global Media by Olena Zelenska Recently, an overwhelming number of media outlets from around the world have reached out with requests for interviews. This letter serves as my answer to these requests and is my testimony from Ukraine. What happened just over a week ago was impossible to believe. Our country was peaceful; our cities, towns, and villages were full of life. On February 24th, we all woke up to the announcement of a Russian invasion. Tanks crossed the Ukrainian border, planes entered our airspace, missile launchers surrounded our cities. Despite assurances from Kremlin-backed propaganda outlets, who call this a "special operation" - it is, in fact, the mass murder of Ukrainian civilians. Perhaps the most terrifying and devastating of this invasion are the child casualties. Eight-year-old Alice who died on the streets of Okhtyrka while her grandfather tried to protect her. Or Polina from Kyiv, who died in the shelling with her parents. 14-year-old Arseniy was hit in the head by wreckage, and could not be saved because an ambulance could not get to him on time because of intense fires. When Russia says that it is 'not waging war against civilians,' I call out the names of these murdered children first. Our women and children now live in bomb shelters and basements. You have most likely all seen these images from Kyiv and Kharkiv metro stations, where people lie on the floors with their children and pets – trapped beneath. These are just consequences of war for some, for Ukrainians it now a horrific reality. In some cities families cannot get out of the bomb shelters for several days in a row because of the indiscriminate and deliberate bombing and shelling of civilian infrastructure. The first newborn of the war, saw the concrete ceiling of the basement, their first breath was the acrid air of the underground, and they were greeted by a community trapped and terrorized. At this point, there are several dozen children who have never known peace in their lives. This war is being waged against the civilian population, and not just through shelling. Some people require intensive care and continuous treatment, which they cannot receive now. How easy is it to inject insulin in the basement? Or to get asthma medication under heavy fire? Not to mention the thousands of cancer patients whose essential access to chemotherapy and radiation treatment have now been indefinitely delayed. Local communities on social media are full of despair. Many people, including the elderly, severely ill and those with disabilities, have been debilitatingly cut off, ending up far from their families and without any support. War against these innocent people is a double crime. Our roads are flooded with refugees. Look into the eyes of these tired women and children who carry with them the pain and heartache of leaving loved ones and life as they knew it behind. The men bringing them to the borders shedding tears to break apart their families, but bravely returning to fight for our freedom. After all, despite all this horror, Ukrainians do not give up. The aggressor, Putin, thought that he would unleash blitzkrieg on Ukraine. But he underestimated our country, our people, and their patriotism. Ukrainians, regardless of political views, native language, beliefs, and nationalities, stand in unparalleled unity. While Kremlin propagandists bragged that Ukrainians would welcome them with flowers as saviors, they have been shunned with Molotov cocktails. I thank the citizens of the attacked cities, who have coordinated to help those in need. Those that keep working - in pharmacies, stores, public transportation, and social services – showing that in Ukraine, life wins. I acknowledge those that have provided humanitarian aid to our citizens and thank you for your continued support. And to our neighbors who have generously opened their borders to provide shelter for our women and children, thank you for keeping them safe, when the aggressor has rendered us unable to do so. To all the people around the world who are rallying to support Ukraine. We see you! We’re here watching and appreciate your support. Ukraine wants peace. But Ukraine will defend its borders. Defend its identity. These it will never yield. In cities where shelling persists, where people find themselves under debris, unable to get out of basements for days, we need safe corridors for humanitarian aid and evacuation of civilians to safety. We need those in power to close our sky! Close the sky, and we will manage the war on the ground ourselves. I appeal to you, dear media: keep showing what is happening here and keep showing the truth. In the information war waged by the Russian Federation, every piece of evidence is crucial. And with this letter, I testify and tell the world: the war in Ukraine is not a war "somewhere out there." This is a war in Europe, close to the EU borders. Ukraine is stopping the force that may aggressively enter your cities tomorrow under the pretext of saving civilians. Last week to me and my people, this would have seemed like an exaggeration, but it is the reality we’re living in today. And we do not know how long it will last. If we don't stop Putin, who threatens to start a nuclear war, there will be no safe place in the world for any of us. We will win. Because of our unity. Unity towards love for Ukraine. Glory to Ukraine!
  14. I essentially agree with this. I also think that those who constantly attempt to discredit the MSM by calling them ‘scum’ simply live in a world of their own where they primarily expose themselves to media that only support their own limited views. The hope today is that main stream media and social media will be able to penetrate the new Iron Curtain and get the word out to the Russian people as to what is really happening in the Ukraine - as opposed to the fiction that the Putin controlled Russian media is spouting about how the Ukrainian Forces have been attacking Belarus and Russia. Your last sentence is a scary, scary thought. But unless Putin can be replaced by a modern day Gorbachev, I don’t see how we are to avoid this scenario. Anyone who believes that Putin will stop at the Crimea and the Ukraine is very naive and ignores history.
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