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  1. Just read this recently also. I enjoyed it but felt he bounced around a little, although it was mostly chronological. As you mention was interesting hearing him talking about operating in that time period, inflation/tax rates both factors that shaped decision making in a way that maybe hasn’t been present since. I enjoyed learning about his strategy Product differentiation and private labeling- retail is buying in wholesale selling in pieces. Made sure each product had a competitive differentiation and that it wouldn’t be found elsewhere. These single products have people coming back. Try the chili garlic crunch if you haven’t! maximizing sales/sqft, sales per cubic inch (hadn’t heard that one before!!) and driving operating leverage with super high volume stores - easy to say but he truly demonstrated it - even today I notice how much more efficient it is to move through a TJs vs Harris teeter and how I walk away feeling like I got much more value / $ spent paying, treating and training employees well - again easy to say but he rarely had layoffs and paid above market. Patton quote “my greatest danger is not that my enemy knows my plans it’s that my own team doesn’t” - led to engaged team members who were also great sales people - I find they’re always friendly and extremely knowledgeable / willing to discuss different products Knew his demographic “underpaid over educated” and connected with them well
  2. +1 The mountain of cash will be there so it’s use has been the main concern for me as well. Based on everything he’s said I find it hard to believe he would do something dumb. He has repeatedly stated the high return hurdle (30%) he has for internal projects. The buyback in august was close to todays prices. Buybacks would be nice but I’m more hopeful for a special dividend.
  3. I was wondering the same thing this evening, from what I’ve read the answer is yes. An option to buy the same security is similar enough.
  4. Yeah don’t disagree in theory. Using leverage properly is a must to be a successful developer, he knows how to promote, on-time / under budget and his product is high quality. On the other hand I don’t know what his track record is for investors especially given the bankruptcies. Not sure if that information has ever been made public.
  5. Trump. Jk. Many folks mentioned above. One good way to learn and get reps imo is to sign up for a crowdstreet account and review the deals that come through there, some are good some are bad, incentives are all over the place, either way its a good way to understand how private deals are structured and how different real estate classes work.
  6. Interesting topic. My wife has opened my eyes to being more generous financially. I had that same mind sight of let it grow and give it later but she turned me around to he fact that there is a lot of good that can be done now. I still find it hard to appreciate good charities and where the money is best used, I pretty much let her decide but would love any suggestions
  7. was listening to the 2004 meeting and heard WEB say that there were four internal candidates that could take the reigns. Assuming at the time that was Sokol, Abel and Jain - blanking on the 4th anyone know. Anyway its quite interesting to listen to the Q&A on succession from almost 20 years ago.
  8. some state regulations for celsius https://www.ft.com/content/de5d62e8-871e-465b-8ee1-35da08ec6379
  9. His thesis has all the ingredients for panic, fear and selling. Hard for me to understand how things actually play out with CCP though. One side of me wants to believe that fundamental finance & economics play out (lots of leverage, fake demand, overcapacity, loss of confidence -> pain). The other side wonders if the CCP is able to control it all because it controls everything - have listened to China bears for years - what is the hair that breaks the camels back - is there one? either way worth understanding potential risks to the businesses i own.
  10. Uhhhh no I have them everywhere on mobile and desktop. Is there an ad free version - I have no need for women’s clothing?!?
  11. thank you @Parsad. tbh honest i don't remember if i ever paid anything. i am happy to if needed. also i would pay a decent amount more for a no ads version fwiw.
  12. Personally not seeing wage increases entice people to come back to work in hospitality nor steady hours as demand has picked back up. Anecdotally believe we have lost people to other industries for good. Curious if anyone has any data/experience on how/if immigration/visa bans have worked against entry level positions during covid.
  13. 1. I’m not agreeing, if my parents built a business with the intent of me continuing it, it’s not a handout and I do t see why it should be taxed to pieces. Maybe this is cultural, for Indians this is very normal. My dad wanted me to join the family business and continue it for him. So it’s not a matter of handouts. 2. Pretty sure individual income taxes cover it. Cut the spending. Don’t use wasteful spending as an excuse. Look at the numbers. https://datalab.usaspending.gov/americas-finance-guide/revenue/categories/ 3. Good point and I have. I was more liberal in my younger days also. He turned conservative for true ideological reasons or just opportunistically. The man made a tremendous amount of mistakes in his life. Doesn’t mean what he said isn’t right.
  14. I had been invested in HCC a while back and had looked at ramaco a few months back before it doubled. Indeed how long these spot px’s lasts is the question. With some other commodities you’re seeing what may be longer term fundamental supply/demand features that could result in new floors for prices (steel/copper heck uranium) do you see any of that with coal or is this purely a temp China thing. Also if the narrative is China going eaf won’t met coal demand suffer longer term (alternate argument to be made that there isn’t a real shot China can convert to eaf rapidly at all)
  15. What I don’t get about this mindset is it implies that someone benefiting from his/her parents hard work and prosperity limits someone else's ability to live a decent and happy life. And at the same time it assumes that by taking that money away and giving it to the government that someone else will be off. churchill said it best “the inherent vice of capitalism is the unequal sharing of blessings. The inherent virtue of socialism is the the equal sharing of miseries.”
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