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  1. Like him or not... but Charlie is dead honest about what he thinks...
  2. Will we see a big number of share buybacks in Q2 2021 or a clear slowdown because the share price went up? Anyone any thoughts? I personaly think Berkshire Valuation as pretty much fair so I expect a clear slowdown of buybacks by Buffett. On the other side, I prefer to see them keep doing buybacks even at fair value rather than the cash balance keep going up up and up.
  3. I like to have 10-15%, it gets me still upside from a bull market and if the market goes down I can take some advantage of it. Also, I think having cash and not being 100% invested can make you a bit less "emotional" about the daily swings of the market and take better decisions over the long term. This is one of those questions where there is so many correct answers...
  4. Hi Mike, I asked them and they cannot answer when trading from DEGIRO in Turkish stocks will resume... so it might be a painful wait for a while...
  5. Completely agree Lollapalooza, Everyone is free to like him or not, but we can all admire his intention of trying to be a better investor every day. Personally, I am learning so much on his last few talks and I am very "bullish" on his results over the next couple of years... but time will tell! Long Shinoken!
  6. I was going to buy it last week through DEGIRO and they didnt let me, they say that trading in Turkish Stocks is suspended due to the lira volatility. I hope they let clients buy soon, will post if they do.
  7. https://app.tikr.com/stock/ownership?st=shareholders&cid=27620446&tid=384083295&ref=h58yfl Li Lu owns a little bit over 6% of Postal Savings Bank of China. If you go to Ownership in the TIKR Terminal page above you will find his position. Also, in a recent interview he spoke about the great positioning of Chinese banking for the future
  8. I agree here, I made a big position recently in BRK because of culture. In my opinion BRK culture is: "smart capitall allocation". Buffett has taught us all what is good capital allocation means and I think he has made sure his successors will keep allocating capital intelligently. The excess capital their businesses produce will be put in places where it makes sense and I am expecting 8-12% long term returns perpetually due to culture. Another example that comes to mind, is Alibaba. Their first mission of the company is to survive 3 different centuries 1900s, 2000s and 2100s. Well that is a statement of "long term thinking" corporate culture and that is their MOAT in my opinion.
  9. Ticker Symbol is RYSAS. Down 10% today. If the situation in Turkey continues and Pabrai doesn´t sell, I will start a position. My strategy is to clone Pabrai here because there are no annual reports or financial statements in English, is all in Turkish Language
  10. I am with you DooDiligence, I read the book "RANGE" and I believe is one of the best books to improve your investing
  11. I fully agree with everything you are saying guys, I think very similarly. If I had to resume it all it would be something like: Amazing apparent opportunity outside of your core circle of competence = more extensive research and less biased = a better understanding of the company and the situation = better decisions (buying/holding/selling) = better returns I am not saying you should purposely look outside of your circle of competence, I just think it has a place and reframe circle of competence as: "something I am able to understand if I do some proper research on it"
  12. Hi Guys, Lately I have had a repeating thought, due to my own experience in some investments. My returns have been much better in investment ideas that were clearly outside of my circle of competence, but the opportunity seemed too good to ignore, so I put in the work and found some "gems" and had pretty good results. In contrast, investment opportunities inside my circle of competence, didn´t perform so good, I put much less work and I guess I was biased because I "loved" the company or industry. My point is, when a potential investment is outside of your circle of competence, you are way more likely to put in the work and not having so many biases upfront. When the potential investment is inside your circle of competence, you are more likely to do less work cause you feel you are an expert. Has anyone had a similar experience?
  13. Hi everyone, Does any one have a rough idea of total share buybacks of WEB in the entire 1st quarter? Thank you very much in advance.
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