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  1. I own bti and swmay, agree with the quote
  2. Growth on the top-line is accelerating, as the transition from print to digital is basically over, the hit to exhibitions business from Covid-19 is in the rear view mirror, and the main division - risk is growing. So from 4% on the top line, to 5-6% on the top line, 6-7% on operating income and low double digit EPS growth between leverage and buy-backs. Why did you sell?
  3. I would buy a basket of the following European companies (assuming your relative can avoid touching it for 10 years): Robertet (RBT FP), L'Oreal (OR FP), Davide Campari (CPR IM), Aena (AENA SM), Heineken Holdings (HEIO NA), I would also make a half allocation to Dior (owns LVMH). If you relative is willing to look at British pound, I would suggest RELX PLC & British American Tobacco as well as Cranswick PLC. I own all of the companies that I mentioned. I own a big position in Dior but I bought it in 2012 and I am nervous about Chinese economic situation and impact on consumption. If he is willing to own USD denominated assets, I own and like Charter (CHTR), NEN (but he should own it only on swap, otherwise tax headaches are insane for a non-US investor), Dominos Pizza, Facebook. In Swiss Franc, Lonza and Alcon are somewhat attractive. In Swedish krona, I own Swedish Match and I think that it is quite attractive. In Canada, I like both Canadian National and Canadian Pacific. In the US I also own MSFT, but I am hesitant to recommend it - bought around $117 in April of 2019.
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