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  1. What is really fascinating is how much solar and wind have declined in cost in the last 10 years, etc. I find it really amazing actually - and if one projects out 5-15 years - solar and wind will likely be much cheaper than even natural gas. Essentially the solution to the carbon/fossil fuel problem was found by the ingenuity of humans. Betting against extreme innovators is not a good bet. This will obviously take decades but combine cheap electricity with cheap battery storage and electric transport and carbon emissions should really come down substantially. Some info I
  2. If someone cheats on their spouse then they are like a cracked vase and are good for the Dunghill! (I credit Epictetus)
  3. Beerbaron - read the Newsweek article Thrifty3000 posted. After reading this I think the odds that the Covid-19 virus came from the Wuhan Lab are higher than I previously thought. I would rate the article and A++ and the work of Drastic and A++. It is really amazing. What are the odds that Covid-19 comes out of Wuhan? - a city that only has ~1% of China's population and also holds the National Institute of Virology. Much more information will come out in the next few months.
  4. I think it is a great idea or at least could be a good experiment. Incentives matter!
  5. If you self insure you don't pay any insurance but then pay for any losses yourself. The story RKABANG posted is what can happen - but it is a low probability event, especially if you are careful. Insurance companies make money over the long run, even with all their underwriting expenses, fraud, losses, etc. Actually if you had invested the $15k you would probably have significantly more - remember that is your float. The other thing people often don't think about is the credit risk and unwillingness to pay risk. If a big hurricane hits Miami will you insurance company go bro
  6. Buffett may be on the other side of you (indirectly) if these insurers are buying expensive reinsurance from Berkshire. You might want to consider self insuring (or maximizing your deductible). If you are careful, the chance of having a fire or water problem is very low. 1. Even in a total loss the land will have value even if you home burns to the ground. 2. Insurance is generally transferring risk for a price. If the price is too high (and you are at most an average risk) then it is a long term bad deal. You might get back 50 cents on the dollar in the long run
  7. Thanks Cigarbutt. Good point about the self selection, I am not really sure. I have found that I seem to forget the Dale Carnegie stuff in 1-2 months but I think the KEY to the Feeling Good method is to have a journal, go thru the checklist of cognitive distortions and then put a more rational response to them in writing. Next time anyone feels like crap - TRY IT - and prove to yourself if it helps you or not. Study on Feeling Good Bibliotherapy "All six papers reported a statistically significant improvement in outcome measures for depression. The summary estimate i
  8. Feeling Good book by David Burns - 1999 edition (The book to minimize your self inflicted misery) I thought this was a truly outstanding book. Even though the book is primarily to help people with Depression (I wasn’t depressed) I found it super helpful and enlightening. It provides very specific and simple actionable tools to recognize our own thought distortions and the irrationality in them. I was very humbled reading this book because I have repeatedly made all the Cognitive Distortions on the list! But I was immediately able to recognize many of the distortions and
  9. Ozone on track to heal completely in our lifetime, UN environment agency declares on World Day. https://news.un.org/en/story/2019/09/1046452
  10. I thought the response from Robinhood was completely ludicrous and distracted and from any real issues that were brought up - for instance Payment for Order Flow and how Robinhood is deceptive about charging its customers through PFOF. The response was worth reading carefully as it reminds me of other companies that were essentially lying and turned out to engage in serious financial shenanigans. I think that Press release tells everyone a ton about the of the culture of Robinhood. BTW - I saw on Reddit how someone posted that Fidelity has gained 8-10 million accounts from R
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