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  1. What's your guys opinion? Price has skyrocketed over the past month. Ethereum is really pushing the envelope on digital currency and is clearly garnering a lot of interest. Tough to say what the price / MCAP should be, but it's going to be an exiting next few years for it
  2. FELP. Still think it's materially undervalued and that Murray will take private within the year
  3. Rewards programs like AIMIA that get paid up front for their points
  4. Great points by many here. A few comments. Over 2016, BTC unfortunately did not live up to the promise of forming a scalable payment network, with lower fees and faster transfer / confirmation times. Going into 2017, I doubt this will ever occur. However, with that being said BTC showed its immense value as an asset class that people can and have fleed to in times of trouble, almost like a digital gold. Just like gold, my bet is that people will flee to BTC in times of trouble, and leave (partially) in times that indicate otherwise. Ultimately another digital currency will emerge that is better suited for nimble, quick transactions and forms the decentralized payment network that so many are predicting (my bet is that it's through the Ethereum blockchain). I'm skeptical of the argument that just because BTC is viewed as a store of value and effectively limited in supply, people will hoard it, drive a bubble and ultimately it's demise. That hasn't happened with gold and unlike tulips, BTC will have much greater and frictionless distribution. BTC may not succeed as money, per se, but I wouldn't bet against it being here to stay and am confident in its appreciation in value.
  5. Do either of these have public financials? No, you need to buy shares and contact them. nonamestocks has write ups too. what brokerage did you buy on?
  6. LMB warrants and LIND warrants. Anyone else own?
  7. If you had to buy one energy stock what would it be? Mine is FELP
  8. Anybody have any good industry primers or research on PBM's? Find the market fascinating and one that hasn't changed in quite some time -- clearly an attractive attribute to a value investor, but am curious where more nimble players could potentially poach market share
  9. thanks for the great comments all!
  10. What's everyone's thoughts on using modest leverage in your portfolio? I.e. 20% or less of your total equity value. IB offers <2% rates and it seems a bit too tough to pass up
  12. Considering BAC warrants or AIG warrants. Thoughts?
  13. Does anybody here have experience writing covered calls to generate income? Curious what types of equities you generally look for and how you've fared. I would love to find a source to increase the income from my portfolio, especially for some equities where I am already sitting on a gain
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