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  1. It seems like I have spent most of my time defending Prem and his team over the last number of years…No one is complaining and calling my “outlandish” price targets stupid anymore! I believe I spent time defending Prem and his family from a coup that said he was rolling up his ownership into India like the old Indian conglomerates! Lol. Can’t believe I had to do that! Remember SD? Anyways…very happy for those that believed and redemption for our friend Prem and his team. Fairfax has never been in better shape I guess that is why it is so quiet. Dazel
  2. I would like thank Prem Watsa and his team for all the hard work they do. Prem’s picture is going back up with the family on the mantle. Great leaders show up during tough times and Prem once again has used his brains and “brass balls” (see David Tepper) to bring Fairfax back from the depths of hell in 2020. congratulations on a great year Prem and team! Happy New year all! Dazel
  3. Teradyne in motion….. Prem joked about copying Harry Singleton…. time will tell but he may be headed this way!
  4. As I remember it…Fairfax will send out details but I believe this aligns with the sale of Odyssey Re. I am not a tax expert…so don’t take my word for it… I am of the camp that unless you get arbitrage come in Fairfax will “Not” get many shares tendered. They will use the left over proceeds for share buybacks in the open market as was mentioned earlier. off the top of my head Fairfax will have $2.5b cash at the holding company before the tender.
  5. Xerxes, Correct the financial analytics unit (TRI)They used the proceeds for a tender offer as Prem is doing. They continued to buy back stock afterward. it was a return of capital transaction.
  6. I think it is brilliant. Was involved in TRI (ThomsonReuters)tender offer a few years back (take a look for taxation) it’s was a great move…they sold their financial unit and bought back through tender offer and then normal course issuer bid. The stock has doubled since the transaction. I like being involved with smart people. Well done. I believe that TRI was a return of capital because of the sale of the financial unit and the Fairfax transaction is likely the same because of the Odyssey Re sale…like I said smart people are fun! a pleasure as always Prem!
  7. Fairfax is as cheap as I have ever seen it!
  8. Fairfax looks real good right here!!!
  9. Very possible that they get a second chance at the BB run..wake up Mr. Chen.
  10. no one pays attention to me and I that is understandable and likely prudent lol....but if I could see what was happening in the market short term...anyone could have...BB was being set up.they should have been aware. see my previous text here before it happened at $10... .split up strategic direction...earnings pre announcement would have to be issued to take advantage of the market would have squeezed this to $30 and they would have been able to issue shares when they popped...take advantage...at the market raise as Tesla has done. chen did not do it...he is asleep... it would have had to be quick...but if I saw it coming....Are they not paid to do this? Millions and millions? Sold BB at great profit and hope Fairfax could synthetically do so as I discussed... Back to buying SNC as Prem should be.
  11. BB up 20% Premarket...in my opinion if this heads towards where the others have AMC and GME...you will see FFH synthetically hedge their position they are too smart to kill the rally and hurt their positions value. Remember a large part of their position is convertibles. Fairfax and Blackberry should come forward with any discussions of reorganization-split up or sale discussions of the patent-royalty portfolio so there is nothing that can hold them back with regards to material information. Allowing all involved to be able to hedge or sell into a parabolic move.
  12. Fairfax did not sell at these levels March 1 when their restrictions came off. The checking 10x certainly was to find out what their options were pardon the pun! They would have hedged their position for sure if they could have...we know how much they utilize swaps even with their own stock. If we do head back to $20 that’s is what they will do... I am going to post on the Blackberry forum but my thesis is it is time right now for Fairfax-Blackberry to take advantage of this market. Split Blackberry up now...while the market is looking at them. It will create several possible scenarios into a market that WANTS to like Blackberry.
  13. Great results... The corporates I kept mentioning...$500m gain. Happy they cut their losses on the mystery short....$500m loss.....ouch. Absolutely pumped about the total return swap of the buyback!!!! Love what they are doing... Quarter one will also be a blow out....we are headed to records. Prem is back.
  14. IFC results were impressive and it is trading at almost 3x book value.....Fairfax has work to do!
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