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Thank you Sanjeev, and a belated happy New Year!

John Hjorth

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Here in Denmark, we have a saying : "Never forget the persons, who have actually helped you to make a change of your own life to the better".


You are - to me - such a person, by providing this board, thereby connecting me to fellow board members - more or less with my own mindset with regard to investing - some board members totally outside my own leage.


Your self sacrifacing personal nature is actually your biggest asset. At least to me, the connection to other fellow board members on this board, has made a material positive change - over the years.

I wish you all the best and may your God be with you for 2017 going forward. Please don't ever forget your own personal wishes for life.


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I would totally agree with this post. Been on this board created by Sanjeev way back to the days when FFH was below $100 and being attacked left right and centre by the shorts. The insights on this board, and the professional manner in which individuals post, is due to the standards which Sanjeev established early on and set by example.

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Thanks very much guys!  It's always been my pleasure to run this board.  I'm very fortunate and lucky for it.


If it wasn't for this board, and then all of the things that happened to me because of it, I wouldn't be doing what I'm doing today. 


I couldn't be more grateful for it all, especially all of the friendships made over the years!  Cheers!

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